#StuSWDub, things are getting exciting!

11/15/2015 | By Rebecca Droop

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

In at 9am this morning, our teams began fueling up on breakfast provided by Google. The smell of coffee flooded the workbenches as our teams got down to work. Check out what some of our fantastic startups are working on right now:

1. Bridal Network- Your go-to guide for wedding planning, where brides can share honest reviews of everything from caterers to dress-makers, what made their wedding special (or terrible) and an outlet to gush about their weddings when nobody else wants to listen.

Bridal Network




2. HeadSpace- A new type of social network program connecting like-minded people, educating, creating awareness and removing the stigma of mental health in Ireland and Worldwide!



3. Banc- a fun and interactive way to teach kids about financial planning through positive discipline.


4. Entify- a platform that connects you with everything and anything you need to plan any kind of event, 'Event planning made simple'.



5. Seraya- Have you ever needed a taxi somewhere without anyone to split the cost with? Seyai connects you with fellow cab-catchers in the vicinity that are also looking to share a taxi.



6. BandStation- Connect with other like-minded musicians who are looking to form a band!

Band Creator

7. Rosca- Financial app that enables users to borrow or lend disposable amounts of cash instantly.


8. FoodChain- Helping restaurants save their time and money while also reducing food waste.



9. Paroot- A platform that allows you to share your online identity instantly when you meet someone, almost like a virtual business card.