#SWDub takes a full swing with these 12 ideas

07/10/2015 | By Nubi Kay

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

The votes are in and the top 12 ideas selected to be worked on over the weekend. In no particular order here the ideas to be turned into startups.

1. The Alpha Project - An ethnic minority youth empowerment initiative


2. FitMyBits.com - Online retail to help you get the best 'bra' fit


3. CliqCAD - Build Computer-aided drafting  (CAD) in seconds


4. SeeMyBuild - Go into the virtual reality world of architecture and construction


5. Comrade - Connecting people with similar outdoor interests. 


6. The Adventure Pack - Build groups to have amazing travel experiences


7. LunchBox - Pre-book your meal and pick them up. No queues.


8. FoodPlus - Discover restaurants closest to you with great deals


9. Freelancer - Connecting freelancers to clients


10. Appetizing - Book restaurants closest to you with meals you want


11. MingleConnect - Fixing the networking problem at conferences


12. Style Mix - Get customized fashion items result based on machine learning

There you have it. The teams will be going through the process of drain dump, and refining their ideas with help from mentors and coaches tomorrow, all to come up with an MVP to be pitched to the judges in the 54th hour.