We’re using Slack to go global!

03/27/2015 | By Alia Lamaadar

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co


On April 10, 2015 an incredible roster of mentors will join Startup Weekend teams at Google HQ in Dublin to offer teams their valuable insights and expertise. Adding a further global emphasis to the weekend, this year we’re grateful to have been also offered mentorship from influential thinkers, makers, and doers from around the world…

We’re delighted to announce the very first Startup Weekend Remote Mentorship program using Slack for team communication.

This is a complete experiment. We’re so excited to see how the teams make use of both their physical mentors and their remote mentors. We’ll be learning from the program this year and if everyone finds value in the experience, it could be added as a permanent feature to future Startup Weekends in Ireland.

Teams will be able to reach out to remote mentors via DM or public Slack channels. Remote mentors will do their best to respond promptly given their availability and time zone constraints.

**Please note, the organizers are fully committed to diversity. We are working towards making the slack mentors as diverse a group as possible. We will get there, but there remains room for improvement. Please get in touch if you have any suggestions.**

Andre Plaut, Product Lead, Immersives General Assembly


Over the last seven years Andre Plaut has been designing & delivering learning experiences for Apple, Obama for America, and General Assembly. As a training coordinator at Apple, Andre created and delivered internal training materials to retail employees all over the world. During the 2012 Obama campaign, Andre worked with campaign staff to redesign, organize, and implement training initiatives and materials to better prepare new volunteers for the field. Now, at General Assembly, Andre leads the product team responsible for designing, implementing, and scaling full-time courses around Web Development, User Experience Design, and Product Management. Andre has also published articles and spoken at conferences about the intersection of design and education.

Mentorship Expertise: 1. Design 2. Growth, Marketing, Sales, Social, PR 3. Product Management 3. Education.

Dylan La Com, Product Manager at GrowthHackers.com


Dylan is Product Manager at GrowthHackers, the definitive community for growth-focused marketers. Dylan has an eye for design and a head for startup growth, and was previously Growth Product Manager at Qualaroo. Dylan has formerly cofounded Bosscaster, a podcast publishing platform and Wellen, a surfwear company.

Mentorship Expertise: 1. Growth, Marketing, Sales, Social, PR 2. Product Management 3. Startup/Bootstrapping Tools

Eoin Hennessy, Manager of Engineering, Intercom


Originally from Crosshaven, Cork, Eoin is a manager of engineering at Intercom. Since joining Intercom, Eoin has played an important role in key product features including the In-App Messenger and Intercom’s latest release, real-time messaging. His side project is Tapir, a clever customer referral tool for crazy clever startups. Theoretically, if he had spare time he’d spend it surfing or sailing.

Mentorship Expertise: 1. Front End Development 2. Back End Development 3. Mobile 4. Startup/Bootstrapping Tools 5. B2B

Everette Taylor, Chief Marketing Officer, StickerMule


Everette Taylor is Chief Marketing Officer of Sticker Mule and founder of MilliSense. He is the former Head of Growth of GrowthHackers.com and has previously done marketing for author Neil Strauss, United Way, Qualaroo and others.

Mentorship Expertise: 1. Growth, Marketing, Sales, Social, PR 2. Product Management 3. Startup/Bootstrapping Tools 4. B2B 5. B2C

Jeff Bajayo, Marketing & Growth, InVisionApp


Starting out working for publications like The Next WebBeta List, and various smaller operations, Jeff has worked with hundreds of startups all over the globe. For the past three years, he’s worked on marketing and growth at InVisionApp, a prototyping and collaboration platform for designers.

Mentorship Expertise: 1. Design 2. Growth, Marketing, Sales, Social, PR 3. Product Management 4. Startup/Bootstrapping Tools 5. B2B 6. B2C

Kelly HoeySpeaker & Strategist


“1 of 5 Women Changing the World of VC/Entrepreneurship” — Forbes | “25 Smartest Women On Twitter” — Fast Company | “100 Most Influential Tech Women On Twitter” — Business Insider | “100 NYC Tech Influencers You Need To Know” — AlleyWatch

Kelly Hoey is a speaker, strategist and investor. Recognized for her social influence, Kelly’s expertise is in leveraging networks, building engaged communities and developing strategies for rising above the networking noise, both online and off.

Kelly appears regularly as an investor panelist on CNBC’s Power Pitch. Kelly is sought out for her unique perspective into networking and community building, addressing members of the European Commission and audiences at SXSW, IEEE Women in Leadership, 2014 PGA Championship, The Walter Cronkite School of Journalism, Women In The Boardroom, Bank of America, Disruptors (Dublin), MoDev, MINC (Malmo), Philly Women in Tech Summit, amongst others.

Kelly’s motto is “invest in the change you want to see in the world.” She is an acknowledged leader in the startup community for actively investing in women. In 2011, Kelly co-founded the first startup accelerator focused exclusively on fast-tracking the growth of early-stage mobile technology ventures with gender-diverse founding teams. Kelly continues to advise emerging technology companies and actively mentors startups through selected accelerator programs in New York City. She is the Chief Technology Ambassador for the YWCA of NYC’s Geek Girls Club and mentors on millennial career platform, Levo.

Mentorship Expertise: 1. Growth, Marketing, Sales, Social, PR

Kilian McMahon, Designer, Kickstarter


Kilian is a designer by day — making things for the web and the physical world — and a musician by night. Here in Ireland, you probably recognize Kilian’s creative talents from his involvement with Tito, and Úll. More recently, he has adventured across the ocean, battling wicked winters and the L-train, applying design to help creators stay independent. He works at a little place you might have heard of called Kickstarter.

Mentorship Expertise: 1. Front End Development 2. Mobile 3. Design

Marc Köhlbrugge, Founder, BetaList


Marc Köhlbrugge (26, the Netherlands) is the founder of BetaList, a platform that helps early adopters discover the latest internet startups. At the same time BetaList helps entrepreneurs validate there’s demand for their products and get crucial feedback from early users. Marc bootstrapped BetaList four years ago and since then it’s grown into one of the most popular startup resources not just for early adopters, but also tech journalists and investors looking for the next big thing. So far over 4,000 startups have been published and every month 150 startups are added.

Mentorship Expertise: 1. Back End Development 2. Design 3. Startup/Bootstrapping Tools 4. Ideating MVP

Paul Betts, Software Engineer, Slack


Hi, I’m Paul. I work on everything mobile and desktop-related; I used to work at GitHub, and now I work at Slack working on their desktop app, and have done a lot of stuff around startups in general (frontend website stuff, etc. etc.).

Mentorship Expertise: 1. Front End Development 2. Mobile 3. B2B

Simon Vallee, Senior Product Manager, Slack


Simon Vallee is a product-minded entrepreneur and general detail enthusiast. His latest startup, Spaces, sought to re-invent online documents and was acquired by Slack, where Simon now works as a Senior Product Manager. Before that, he co-founded OpenCal, acquired by Groupon in 2011, and Sitemasher, acquired by Salesforce in 2010.

Mentorship Expertise: 1. Front End Development 2. Design 3. Product Management 4. Startup/Bootstrapping Tools

Tiffany Zhong, Business Development + Marketing, ProductHunt


Tiffany loves growth and product. She works at Product Hunt and previously built higherlyfe.com.

Mentorship Expertise: 1. Growth, Marketing, Sales, Social, PR 2. Product Management

Victor Bjelkholm, Developer Evangelist, Typeform


Victor is a hacker originating from Sweden, that now resides in Barcelona and enjoys the beautiful weather and making Typeform an even more awesome platform for all your form needs. He is currently working on building an API for creating forms and advocating the engineering culture at Typeform. He has been doing full stack development for 4 years, mostly focused on cutting edge frontend technologies.

Mentorship Expertise: 1. Front End Development 2. Back End Development 3. Startup/Bootstrapping Tools 4. Software Theory and General Development (not just frontend/backend)