Galway Startup Weekend Teams and Winners

11/17/2014 | By Tara Dalrymple

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Startup Weekend Galway: An Overwhelming Success

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This weekend we issued a challenge to the participants of Galway Startup Weekend. Now that the event is complete, we can enthusiastically declare that the challenge was met. It was a great event with great teams and great results. This was the first time Startup Weekend took place in Galway and it set the record for the highest first-time attendance count. It was so successful there’s already a second one scheduled for March.


Here’s a rundown of the teams that participated:

Our first place winner on the night was FriendShip

FriendShip makes it easy to share the shipping fees when you buy online.  Partner with your friends to place your order and share the fees. (Gofran Shukair and Emir Muñoz).

Second place went to What Paws Around

what paws around updated logo

What Paws Around is an online platform that allows dog owners to find dog related services close to their location (boarding, trainers, groomers, sitters) and access to a wide variety of educational information in one click. Every service is peer reviewed, to help customers choose what is best for their furry friends. Dog related services have the opportunity to advertise their businesses and to connect with a new customer base. (Caterina Lodo, Anthea Middleton, Gavin Donohue and Gianmassimo Vigazzola).

Third was Arrow

Arrow logo.png

Arrow is an In-Airport application that guides users to their boarding gates, taking the hassle out of airport travel.  It adds value by providing all relevant information about the specific airport and the users trip. ( Dylan Commons, Gavin Ward, Patricia Organ, Patrick Breslin and Michael O Meara)

Our community favourite on the night was Hours

Hours Logo-200x200.png

Hours - Never miss a shift. Hours is a schedule management solution for shift-based workplaces.  Hours replace existing techniques with a simple, intuitive system that keeps everybody on the same page.  Employees always have access to their schedule and are instantly notified via native mobile apps if there are changes. (Mike Rockall, Fionn Delahunty, David Newell and David Kennedy)

As well as our four winners on the night, we enjoyed presentations from the following teams:




The only Irish Bitcoin Exchange offering instant transfers.


Coinise wants to revolutionise the bitcoin industry in Ireland. We are dedicated to providing a faster and more secure service for the bitcoin enthusiasts in Ireland.



eHoreca is a one stop shop internal communications solution for the hotel industry. eHoreca provides a proprietary back-end system and the communications platform for the guest, we are helping our customers, the hospitality industry, to evolve. In doing this we are helping hotels to learn more about their guests (the users) preferences and patterns and thus increasing profit margin per room, per hotel.

Escape Goats

Escape Goats

Escape Goats is a mobile app that matches users to activities based on their details, preferences and location.

Escape Goats is also a simple booking management platform for providers that they can navigate from their smartphones

Groceries Done

groceries done logo.png

Groceries Done takes the hassle out of getting the best value for your shopping.

Online Groceries Shopping Assistant by comparing groceries prices and helping customers find the cheapest price. In addition for more services to provide : weekly shopping list email with updated prices, price alert, latest offers.

Job Hack


Job Hack analyses users CVs, rating matches for job applications.

Job Hack is an online platform that enables students to upload their cv and compare it to a particular job specification. They get a match rating to tell them whether their CV would be looked at and if they would proceed to interview round. From there we will generate a report on how best to enhance the CV, including vital information on key competencies.​



Overvue... where devices wake up...

The aim is to provide a unified cloud-based device management experience for the current and future internet connected devices. We focus on accessibility and usability for the home market and state of the art data analytics and metrics for the business users we serve both convenience and powerful cost savings in single package.


renest logo 1

ReNest, comfort and ease relocating with work.

ReNest is an info package provider for people relocating for work. It provides them with all the insight they'll need to have a smooth start in their company and in their new life.


Suspended Karma

Suspended Karma is a social enterprise spreading the suspended coffee concept and trying to bring the best in people.

Our online platform helps users locate where items are suspended.  We think this will increase footfall and revenue in the cafes and restaurants participating in addition to helping out people in need.

If you haven’t yet attended a StartupWeekend hopefully this inspires you to give it a try. You won’t regret it!