Top 9 Idea To Be Developed At Startup Weekend Limerick

11/20/2015 | By Nubi Kay

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41 pitches later, participants go their 3 post-its to go vote. I gave one of my vote to 60-minute a delivery service which looks to reduce carbon footprint in logistics, and a second vote to Maternal Care, a one-stop shop and information center for expectant and new mothers.

The last vote was meant to go to Hello Granny, a smart-house app that allows the elderly connect to their children an grand-children through audio messages placed strategically like 'Good morning Granny' for wake-up alarm and 'Welcome home Granny' on returning from the market. Sadly I couldn't find the idea owner and so my vote went to Color Me Happy which went on to make the final list.

Here are the 9 ideas to be developed during the Startup Weekend in Limerick:

1. Color Me Happy is tinder for hairstyles where you can see what looks good on you and then get connected to a hairstylist.


2. May Borrow allows users find and borrow tools like can-openers, lawn mower, etc. from neighbors.


3. Love Guru makes you a match maker in a tinder-type environment, letting you win points and gain credibility for successful matches.


4. Big Red Button wants to disrupt pension by allowing customers save money via premium SMS, coupons and vouchers.


5. Beer Friends is a social network connect for people with similar interests to arrange meetups and themed events.


6. WeTravel wants to enable people travel in groups to drive down prices.


Cute Ideas

For the first time ever, Startup Weekend Limerick had 3 kids under the age of 10 pitch ideas and then went ahead to use all of their cuteness and creativity to hustle votes to make it into top 9. They include:

7. The Sit Hair Chair is a machine that allows you wash you hair while riding a motor chair.


8. Stick-Shirts wants to fix return in fashion retail with smart stickers.


9. The Listening Watch allows kids record moods via emojis on smartwatch with an option to share with teachers and parents.


No doubt the last 3 ideas show how creative and entrepreneurial kids can be and it is even more impressive to see older folks rally around them to work with them over the next 54 hours to bring those ideas as well as the remaining six ideas to life.