6 reasons why you should go to Startup Weekend Skopje!

10/25/2019 | By Mila Josifovska

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

Every weekend is the same story, the same people and the same places. On the weekend of 29th November - 1st December, you can do something different. Something that has the potential to change your life forever!

Startup Weekend Skopje is a unique opportunity for learning new things, doing something you’ve never done before, and meeting a lot of people who share your entrepreneurial spirit -  all in the span of 54 hours. However, you need to be quick and get your ticket, because only the fastest 50 will have the chance to participate!

If you are still not convinced that Startup Weekend is the place to be on the weekend of 29th November - 1st December, here are 6 more reasons why you should definitely be there. 

  1. Your idea has a dream. Make it come true!

    It is very likely that you have at least one genius idea living in your mind. Surely you are an ambitious person, and at least once a day you think about what your life would be like if that idea would become a reality. But the thought of starting is scary enough that your idea will remain only in your mind, waiting, and waiting, and waiting. 

    As unbelievable as it sounds, Startup Weekend is a safe place for sharing ideas out loud, and bringing them to life, all in the span of 54 hours. Also, your idea will be enriched and enhanced by the ideas of other enthusiasts that you will meet there, as well as experts from different fields, which will be your mentors during the event. Startup Weekend is the event your idea is dreaming about. The only thing you have to do is come and make that dream come true. 


  2. To begin or not to begin, the question is now

    The most difficult part in any life endeavor is to start and to try. Why? Because of the fear of failure - which is very likely on our first try - is holding us back. But in life, facing our fears, and overcoming obstacles, is unavoidable. You shouldn’t let your fear stop you from trying.

    Really, there is no better time or place to start working on your idea than Startup Weekend. Aside from the ideal circumstances, the support from experienced professionals and the highly productive atmosphere, even if your first try is unsuccessful, what is most important is that you will have tried. Of course, let’s not forget that those 54 hours have the potential of changing your life forever - your idea might be the winning one!

  3. How wide is your network?

    In the world of business, your connections are everything. It’s not every day that you come in contact with and meet people that have already built something. They could make valuable advisors and mentors, or perhaps, even partners or investors. At Startup Weekend, these seemingly unreachable people become more than approachable: they come to you, offering their knowledge and expertise to help you take your idea to the next level.

    Your network will not expand only with the otherwise difficult to reach professionals. It is very likely that one of the participants that will be sitting on the same desk as you will become your future colleague, or partner. 

    Use this opportunity to gain valuable contacts and to widen your network. You never know who’s help you are going to need, sooner or later.

  4.  Feedback like never before

    One of the most important aspects of Startup Weekend, which we mention all the time, are the mentors that will attend. Their valuable advice, experience, and professional opinions will be available to all the teams. This really is an opportunity that you shouldn’t miss, because the support, advice or critique that these individuals can give you is priceless. And you will have all of them at your reach during Startup Weekend Skopje.

  5. From collaboration to corporation

    In the heart of every successful business is a group of people that joined their ideas, experiences, passions, and contacts with the goal to create something greater than them. 

    The keyword in this sentence is “group”. The thought that we don’t need help, or that we can do everything on our own, is the single biggest reason most entrepreneurs fail to realize their dreams. But we can’t blame them, because good partners in business are hard to find.

    Startup Weekend is the place where everyone has the entrepreneurial spirit, and want to use their knowledge and experiences to create something bigger than themselves. It’s unlikely that you will meet other individuals with so much support and enthusiasm on other occasions. Come and create connections that will last for years, and that will help you make your dreams come true.

  6. Learning doesn’t only happen in school

    We believe that you have already experienced what it feels like to learn from experience. During Startup Weekend Skopje you will lead a lot, on many different topics and in many different ways. You will learn how Startups function, you will learn about innovations and trends from around the world, but you will also learn about the people in the world of innovations. 

    You can gain something from every interaction because every moment will present a new opportunity to learn something. Of course, it ultimately depends on your level of interest and thirst. Imagine you are a sponge and come to Startup Weekend to take in all the knowledge that you can during those 54 hours.

  7. Do you really think you will meet your future partner at the Disco?

    If the previous 6 reasons didn’t convince you to get your ticket for Startup Weekend, here is a bonus reason. Although not everyone meets a love interest on events like these, surely by the end of the weekend you will have formed at least one new friendship. A valuable friendship. In those 54 hours, you really have the opportunity to really get to know the people around you. You will see how they behave under stress, while very excited, as well as slightly sleep-deprived. And if you like them like that, surely you will love them in a more relaxed setting. 

    And yes, it is possible to meet your future girlfriend/boyfriend during the event. The participants share a lot about their personal interests and opinions, aspirations and dreams, they converse and debate … These things don’t happen in any of the clubs in the city. Come to Startup Weekend Skopje so we can get to know each other, hang out and have fun, and work on startup ideas together. 

    We are confident that this list of reasons why you should participate in Startup Weekend Skopje have convinced you that it’s the best thing to do, and the one place to be, during the weekend od 29th November - 1st December. If you haven't already, get your ticket here and we will see you there!