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09/17/2018 | By Mila Josifovska

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Eventually, everyone one of us has come up with an idea to start a business, regardless of whether you have given more thought about it or just something you shared with your friends during coffee. And that’s the great thing, many ideas come from our everyday surrounding. Even the biggest companies today, such as Dropbox, Facebook, Apple and others started small. Just the conditions to try to start something new were very different then and now.

Today, thanks to the advanced technology and easy access to knowledge, we can search for a business idea very easily. One of the greatest benefits nowadays is Startup Weekend – a 54 hours event where motivated and ambitious people get together and share their ideas about a certain problem. They begin with pitching the ideas and then the participants vote for the ideas that seem feasible and provide a solution to a problem. Then, they form teams where each team works on the idea for the entire weekend.

During their work, they have mentoring sessions, where experienced professionals from different areas of expertise such as business, IT, marketing, graphic design, finance, developers, UX/UI designers, fundraising and many others. share their knowledge and market insights to help the teams create the best solution possible. The latest day the teams present their prototypes in front of a jury, consisted of highly experienced business people with different backgrounds. They have a task to listen and estimate each team and decide which ones will get a chance to continue to develop further their idea.

One of the biggest benefits for every participant is that you can finally present your idea to an audience that not only will be glad to hear it, but it can help you transform it into a real business. A second best thing that is happening during the entire Startup Weekend is the incredible chance for networking. You can contact directly every mentor and judge during the weekend, get to know them, their story, open new opportunities for your career. Also, you get a chance to win prizes that will help you transform your idea into a real business after the weekend is finished.

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