Startup Weekend Skopje FAQ Part 1

07/17/2014 | By Eva Piperevska

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Do you know what Startup Weekend is? Have you ever participated in one? Do you know how to successfully pitch your idea? Here are some of the questions that most of you ask themselves when it comes to this event.

That is why we would like to explain in details what are the benefits of being part of SW Skopje, throughout a series of questions and answers.

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What kind of ideas can I pitch at the event?

On most of the events, people pitch ideas regarding web-based or mobile applications. But you can be different. You can pitch ideas about specific physical product or something that has not worked in the past for you, and now you think that is a good idea to make it happened.

Overall, everything that you think is innovative, interesting and worth becoming a business, you can present it at the Startup Weekend Skopje.

How do I pitch the idea, if I don’t have enough experience in presenting?

Well Startup Weekend is here to make that part easier for you. At the event you are going to be mentored by the best specialists in the field of entrepreneurship, marketing experts, members of startup companies that have developed their presentation skills and have experience in pitching their ideas at startup events, skilled presenters, orators and entrepreneurs who will give you the best advises on how you can develop and improve their presentation skills.

A part from the event, we are also organizing boot-camps and meet-ups in different towns in Macedonia, where you will meet our mentors and start working on your idea even before the event.

Can my idea be stolen?

Startup Weekend pitches are done in an open forum and no non-disclosures will be signed. If you are really concerned about your idea being stolen, by all means keep it private. But remember, it`s not just about the idea, but about the team behind it, that counts.