Local community leaders

Techstars Community Leaders work hard to bring resources and events to the Johor community. Meet your Community Leaders here.

  • Khor
    Wai Mun
    Khor Wai Mun
  • Yong Feng
    Yong Feng Ng
  • Quah
    Jin Xing
    Quah Jin Xing
  • Kai Xiang
    Kai Xiang Yeoh
  • Yong
    Ai Ling
    Yong Ai Ling
  • Ng
    Yong Feng
    Ng Yong Feng
  • Ooi
    Jing Shuun
    Ooi Jing Shuun
  • Leong
    Wei Tong
    Leong Wei Tong
  • Jian Xiang
    Jian Xiang Beh
  • Albert Chong
    Ming Cai
    Albert Chong Ming Cai
  • Tong
    Xin Jo
    Tong Xin Jo
  • Chew Sheng
    Chew Sheng Eng