Local community leaders

Techstars Community Leaders work hard to bring resources and events to the Pachuca community. Meet your Community Leaders here.

  • Dalaí
    Dalaí Arizmendi
  • Alethia
    Arreola Pavón
    Alethia Arreola Pavón
  • Perla Primavera
    Luis Gonzalez
    Perla Primavera Luis Gonzalez
  • Arturo
    Rivera Cruz
    Arturo Rivera Cruz
  • Lizbeth
    Hernández Cruz
    Lizbeth Hernández Cruz
  • Yamell
    Rovirosa Martínez
    Yamell Rovirosa Martínez
  • Eva
    Basilio González
    Eva Basilio González
  • Raúl
    Montiel Calderón
    Raúl Montiel Calderón
  • Yanire
    Pérez Ramos
    Yanire Pérez Ramos
  • Yamile
    Jimenez García
    Yamile Jimenez García