Moldova Startups Weekend ideas

11/04/2014 | By Oxana Grajdianu

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Startup Weekend 2011


Connecting young players, sport agents, football clubs in a single community.


Startup Weekend 2013

Hai la Tara

Social project, founded on August, 1 2013, supported by UNDP and European Union, which aims to create an additional income for people living in rural areas, on both banks of Nistru River, by offering their space and Casa Mare for rent.



With AVO You can receive calls on your phone, without paying for roaming. To make or receive phone calls, you need to use 3G/4G with a local sim-card, or connect to the internet via Wi-Fi at a cafe or hotel.



Vintage enables businesses to decorate their offices with artworks made by the most talented artists from developing countries. We can transform your office, hotel or restaurant in an art-gallery, periodically bringing new artworks which will inspire and motivate your employees.