Mentor Spotlight: Bram Kanstein

04/29/2015 | By Khizar Naeem

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Startup Weekend Amsterdam 2015 is just around the corner. With only one more month to go exciting developments are happening around the event. Last time we introduced Lauren Valbert to you as our mentor and we are back with another exciting person as an addition to mentor team.

Meet Bram Kanstein. He is the European community manager of Product Hunt - Just before joining Product Hunt, Bram built and launched Startup Stash, "A curated directory of 400 resources and tools to help you build your Startup". The site went viral through Product Hunt and got 35K unique visits and 230K page views in 48 hours. Startup Stash is currently the #1 most up voted product of all-time on Product Hunt.

We Interview Bram for our awesome community with respect to upcoming Startup Weekend Amsterdam.

How can you help our participants as a mentor?

I know a lot about startups that are out there and the problems they are trying to solve. I can help the teams sharpen their idea and give them examples of existing products that are similar/in the same space. Also, I think I can help them focus on the core of the product and define what their MVP should look like.

What kind of ideas are you looking forward to see at this year’s event?

It would be awesome if someone came and pitched a product that solves a small problem, but which is high in demand. So a solution to an urgent problem, or of course something with beer.

Why is entrepreneurship important to you?

Taking initiative and building something that solves other people’s problems is something I really admire. Plus I love discovering new startups and products so the more entrepreneurship the better

What is the most important lesson you want to give to our participants?

For me, ideas are born out of your experiences, your problems, your victories, stuff you see, stuff that inspires, big companies, but also small ones. How can you reach a point where you have an idea that's truly interesting and worth chasing? And what do you do next? That’s something I hope I can help the participants with.

Why someone with a business idea should come to Startup Weekend?

Because it’s an awesome journey with awesome energy and the best place to find likeminded people that may be able to get you further along with your idea.

Why should people participate in Startup Weekend even if they don’t have an idea?

Same as above, it’s a great place to find likeminded people to connect with, and find someone that has an awesome idea you’d like to work on!

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