These are the coaches!

05/28/2015 | By Matthijs Menses

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We've selected a group of skilled people to help you during the weekend. Let's introduce them so you know who to go to! We are happy to welcome some new and also some familiar faces.

Niels Grootenbroek


Niels works as marketeer for Hooghoudt, but also knows his way around in food startups. In fact, he has his own ice-cream manufacturer startup. He can learn you all about telling stories about a product and how that impacts - or is - marketing.

Krispijn van den Dries


Krispijn is a rural entrepreneur, which translates to farmer. Besides running a farm, he also knows how to sell his produce directly to consumers. He can learn you all about starting your own business in food and how to create maximum impact with campaigns.

Pol de Bruin


Pol has crowdfunded his own restaurant in Groningen - Midi -. Now one year open, this restaurant is quite the success. Pol can teach you how to open your own place, but also what it takes to live the life of a restaurant owner.

Sebastiaan Hooft


Sebastiaan is the founding partner of a number of organizations, and has been active on the advisory boards of all of them at some time. Last year he also started his DJ career and creates the most lovely smoothies.

Michel van Galen


Michel is one of the owners of the minor concepting at NHL Leeuwarden. This minor functions as a community of practice in which creative talents get the opportunity to develop innovative concepts delivering a conscious, valuable contribution to themselves, those around them and society at large. He really knows how to get the best out of a persons