It's not all about food!

05/14/2015 | By Matthijs Menses

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Wait? It's not all about food? But it says Startup Weekend FOOD! You are 100% right, food may be the theme but it also is still all about creating startups. Lets take a look at all the possibilities our weekend offers you.


We don’t have to tell you how important design is. A product stands or falls on good design. You won’t be designing food. You are designing a product or a service in such way it is easy to use and people would understand what you are selling. Design is the backbone of everything. At the end of the weekend you have to have a product that looks nice to the public.


As a creator you are in a constant search of how to bring your product to life. Let's take this awesome service for example: Jafflechutes. Great idea and a lot of things that need to be created in order to make it work, to make it real. How about the ordering system? Or the parachutes for the sandwiches. Without a creator the product remains just an idea.


You won’t be standing in a foodtruck all weekend (unless you pitched that idea and you really want to). Business is everything from selling and placing your product to understand who your target audience is. Marketing, user validation, the whole financial picture, picking out the right crowd.


It’s not all about food. But food is what it’s all about for you. Without you we will just have a Startup Weekend, you are bringing the food to SwGro FOOD.

What about me?

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