Meet the jury

05/26/2015 | By Matthijs Menses

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Behold, our jury for Startup Weekend Groningen FOOD! We took the time to carefully select a good jury. With different expertises and backgrounds we believe these are the right persons for our event.

Naresh Ramdjas


Naresh is a chef with a pinch of designership into his way of working. As a judge, he will focus on the design of the idea, but also on the gastronomic side of it.

Meet him on Facebook and Twitter.

Joszi Smeets


Joszi is a young woman, who wants to change the world with food. She is 26 years young, but already director of the Youth Food Movement. As a judge, she will focus on the sustainable side of the idea and the potential for impact it has.

Want to see what Youth Food movement is all about? Check their Facebook.

Niels Willems


Niels knows all about entrepreneurship. As a coach, he has worked for Ahold and, so he knows all about business, but also knows how a lean startup should work.

You can already follow him on Twitter.