Wilbert, our food guru!

05/31/2015 | By Matthijs Menses

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co


My name is Wilbert, and I tell stories about food. Most of the time, I do this under the name “eengarde”, which translates to “a whisk”. I like to stir things up, that’s why. Together with Renate, Matthijs and Joëlle, I organize this weekend.

Startup Weekend Groningen Food is a big opportunity to change our food system. The current system does not work so well in my opinion, and in order to change that, we need innovation and fresh ideas about food. With this weekend we can start changing the world of food. 

During the weekend, I will be open for questions 24/7. I know my way around food in the Netherlands: if you need contacts with product developers, manufacturers, farmers, fishermen or other people who work with food, make sure you ask me a question. I am part of the Youth Food Movement, which is part of an international movement - Slow Food Youth Network -, so there are literally no borders to the people I can contact for you. 

As mentioned before, I tell stories about food. But that is not where it ends: by doing that, I try to reconnect people to food. When people know more about where their food comes from, they start changing the way they eat. In the end, this reconnects people to each other as well. 

A lot of things are happening in food lately, but the startup scene needs to tap more into that. There are new concepts arising, like a package-free store. We even have one in Groningen. But there is room for way more innovation. We could make supermarkets dispensable by creating direct links between producers and consumers, but also create less waste by using different ways of packaging, like DSM is creating. Growing our food needs to be more innovative as well. Fertifill, one of our sponsors, is working on making production higher and more stable: a good cause! 

On Monday morning, you will definitely be hungover after our great afterparty with DJ Sebastiaan Hooft. What to eat then? Start with a nice beetroot-ginger-lemon juice, but be sure to take in some fatty, salty stuff as well. My suggestion would be the Groninger Friet from Friet van Piet. 

See you at the weekend! 

Get your ticket right now at: http://www.eventbrite.com/e/startup-weekend-groningen-0615-tickets-16343029441