And the facilitator for next SW is…

11/04/2017 | By Maaike van der Post

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Over the last nine editions we had quite some different facilitators. All with different styles and different backgrounds. All of them added a new magic to the weekend. A facilitator is someone that tells the story of Startup Weekend, helps you find the right mindset, is your best friend and keeps your energy up! All facilitators have participated in many Startup Weekends all over the globe. They know how it works and are there to help the organizers and the attendees. Quite a challenge if you ask me!

A small flash back to the facilitators over the last years!


Nick Stevens

The first Startup Weekend was in 2011 in the UMCG. Nick Stevens was the facilitator and also one of the organizers of this event. After Nick participated in Amsterdam he decided it was time to get the event to Groningen. And did that with great success. In the years after he facilitated 5 more events. The event moved to different places. 2012, 2013 and 2014 was in Het Kasteel. In may 2015 Startup Weekend had his first themed edition 'Food'. This event was located at De Pijp. In November 2015 they moved to The Big Building. Nick decided this was his last time facilitating in Groningen so the team went looking for the right follow up!



Wout Laban

Wout participated multiple times in Startup Weekend Groningen. He was the best fit for the job. In 2016 he facilitated the Music and Sound themed edition. With the right energizers and humour he know how to get the right energy in the room. Wout introduced also something new. The spirit animal, in his case the panda. This was an inspiration for the ones that followed him up. Today you may know Wout as the Community Director at TQ Amsterdam.



Dani Arnaout

Dani hacked himself from Beirut to Silicon Vally. Something most of us can only dream off. So you think he knows everything and there is little to impress him, but when we asked about his experience in Groningen, it was the best Startup Weekend experience he ever had. He facilitated the event of November 2016. Dani his spirit animal was the snowman, the one that dared to pitch first got to take the snowman hat home.



Géza Bence Molnár

Geza facilitated our special 2017 camping edition on Airport Eelde. This crazy young guy from Denmark knows how to make the campsite experience complete. With a lot of good energizers and a very helpful mindset he again was a great fit. Geza adopted a Flamingo as his spirit animal in Groningen. The flamingo travelled with him all around the world to other Startup Weekends!


And the facilitator for SWGRO 2017 is...


Filippos Protogeridis

We asked Filippos to tell something about himself:

'I am a product designer originally from Greece and now living in buzzy London, where I work with tech companies from all over the world, turning ideas into solid products that have a global impact. I’m a huge foodie and traveller, love music (and play some here and there), and won’t settle till I explore the whole of the world. I have been involved in Startup Weekend since 2013 as a community leader and have been a global facilitator for the past 2 years, helping local communities shape the future of their cities.'

He also made a short movie to tell you something about him and the global startup week where we are part of with Startup Weekend Groningen!


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