Interview with Startup Weekend Alumnus: Ivan Malykh

10/21/2014 | By Stephanie van der A

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Ivan Malykh

Age: 28

Work: UMCG (The University Medical Center of Groningen) and from time to time freelancing.

Startup weekends attended: One


When and where was your first Startup weekend?

November 2013 was the first SW I ever attended. It was in Groningen. Me and my colleague Joël bought us two tickets and didn’t know exactly what to expect. But the weekend was great! About 100 nice people with even more great ideas came together in Het Kasteel. In my opinion a very nice place for such a weekend. Our team worked hard. We took the needed amount of beers and rested enough to finish our business model with a demo and a presentation just in time. The business model our team came up with was the key to win the Startup Weekend.

What is the most important thing you learned during startup weekend?

An idea is not enough. You need developers. Developers are not enough. You need designers. Having idea, developers and designers is not enough. Your idea must create value to other people, otherwise they won’t pay.

Last but not least: great team makes a great product. Select the right people to join your team.

What is your favourite SW-project?

A couple of projects come in to my mind right now:

BarTunes - because to me it’s one of the most successful projects by SW Groningen alumni.

Splintr - one of the most creative projects of 2013.

Game of Drones - guys did a great work and had a lot of fun with coding and testing those drones.

If you have to convince someone to join #SwGro14 in a few words, how would you do that?

I suck at convincing, but here comes one: THERE IS BEER!

Anything else you want to say about Startup weekend?

Great weekend! Hope it will be even better in 2014!