Launch Party Startup Weekend Groningen

10/06/2014 | By Stephanie van der A

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A very big thank you to all the lovely people who came out to ‘De Bovenkamer van Groningen’ for the Startup Weekend Launch Party. We saw many familiar faces and a lot of new people who were eager to learn more about the concept of Startup Weekend. One of them is Michelle Roberts, spices lover and overall life enjoyer. She joined the Launch party to see and hear more about Startup Weekend. During the evening she talked to different entrepreneurs and became enthusiastic, which led her to buying a ticket for the main event on 7,8 and 9 November. Another new face who will be attending Startup Weekend Groningen is Joëlle Hooijer. She won a ticket for the main event on the Launch Party: congratulations!

In between the crowd there where also some people who where already acquainted with Startup Weekend. After asking them what made them come to the Launch Party, the answers where quite different from one another. Some said they wanted to see the venue, see the new team, win a ticket or went because a friend went too. But most of them went for the great vibe, or the ‘gezelligheid’ as they say in Dutch, and of course the beer. Which is okay, because it was indeed ‘gezellig’ with all of you!

So, People mingled, drank some beer and walked around to explore the beautiful venue. We were not kidding when we said we had an awesome space for the Launch Party. Many ‘oh’s’ and ‘ah’s’ were overheard on the top floor of the building mainly because of the amazing view over the city and the park.

The person who was especially grateful with these reactions is owner Ralph Steenbergen. He said he was happy about the overall great vibe and the amount of (new) people at the Launch Party.

We like to thank Ralph for letting us use ‘De Bovenkamer van Groningen’ and we can’t say enough how happy the team is with all the people who went to the Launch Party. No doubt about it that we would love to see you all on the main event! Buy your tickets here.