The magic of Startup Weekend

09/07/2014 | By Stephanie van der A

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In the year 2014 there are approximately 1200 Startup Weekends planned. Take a moment to let that number sink in… Remember there are ‘only’ 52 weekends in a year. Roughly it would mean that there are 23 Startup Weekends every weekend. Wait, what? Yes! That’s immense! 

What some people may not realise is that all these Startup events are organised by volunteers. The organising teams make these weekends happen out of love for the community. Okay, that is not strictly true, because we can’t pay all the bills with love (unfortunately). That’s why all the Startup Weekend organisers seek for sponsors who share the same love and believe in the magic of Startup Weekend. It’s a win=win situation: Sponsors love Startup Weekend and the organisers love sponsors.

To give an idea how much time is spent on organising Startup Weekend Groningen: The team often starts meetings in the month May. The event itself is in November so that gives them six months. From July till November there are weekly meetings planned to get everybody up to date and which steps are next to take. The biggest part is getting the sponsors, because they make almost everything happen. The more sponsor money, the more awesome things a Startup Weekend team can arrange for the event! Think of good food, drinks and entertainment.

So the organising team spends countless hours to prepare and promote the event. To think that these people also have a full time day job and therefore deal with their Startup tasks mostly during free time. On the event itself there are even more volunteers in play. Think of the Coaches/Mentors, the facilitator, judges and the extra volunteers who make it easier for the organising team.

Volunteers and sponsors are needed in making a Startup Weekend happen. Are you a company and do you believe in the magic of Startup Weekend? Don’t hesitate to contact the team! The same goes for enthusiastic people who would like to help during the weekend as volunteer. We need you!