because nobody really likes breadsticks

10/27/2014 | By Stephanie van der A

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Less than two weeks to go till Startup Weekend Groningen will kick off! Tickets are going fast and we are almost sold out. Things are coming together and the organizing team is very happy!

T-shirts are ready to be printed, volunteers are ready to get in action and the catering has been arranged, and we can tell you that it will be very tasty. The venue owners and the Startup Weekend organizing team have checked to make sure that everything will be ready during the weekend. There will be enough space with chairs, tables, light, electric points and of course working WiFi. Next to this, small things like pens, paper and drinking cups may also not be forgotten.

All these things are needed to let the teams work their butts of during the weekend. But to make sure teams get to relax and have fun too, we’ve arranged a ‘chill-corner’ again. Rumor has it there will be Fatboys, mini ping pong tables and some creative people from SAUS who will make the attendees weekend an even greater experience!

Lovely sponsors make all this possible! Without them we would be t-shirtless, unhappy and we’d be eating breadsticks (and let’s face it, nobody really likes breadsticks).

If you were planning on coming and you don’t have a ticket yet: get them while you still can!