Reunion Party Startup Weekend Groningen

08/30/2014 | By Nick Stevens

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reunion party

Three years, one room

Friday evening. Groningen. The bar in Het Kasteel starts to fill up with people. Not just random people, but with former Startup Weekend Groningen attendees.

From the last three years all the attendees were invited for a reunion in former Startup Weekend venue Het Kasteel on the 20th of June. Here, everybody could catch up again with old team members, attendees, coaches, volunteers and the facilitator. While two team members welcomed the Startup Weekenders down stairs in the main entrance with a selfie challenge, others were waiting upstairs in the bar to get the party started. The atmosphere was good. Even Hennie, the owner of Het Kasteel, said it was immediately ‘gezellig’. Drinks were flowing and the chatting became louder and louder.

After a lot of catching up everybody was invited to the main room for a small program from the Startup Weekend team. Startup Weekend facilitator Nick Stevens took to the stage and welcomed all of the attendees with a small trip through memory lane, showing all the teams who participated in the past. Then  the movie was shown from last years event. Two former teams, Bartune (2011) and Quoins (2013), were also invited to talk about their Startup Weekend experience and the adventures they had after Startup Weekend. It was nice to hear they are still up and running.

After the presentations the new Startup Weekend team introduced themselves and instigated a game in order to win a ticket for the next event in Groningen. Awesome. The rules were simple: everybody gets a piece of paper with half a quote on it. The objective: find the other half. The first two people who find each other, then find and high five Startup Weekend team member Jos, are the winners! Easy as pie. The start sign was given and after a lot of shouting, pushing and elbowing the winning couple got to Jos and high fived him. Congratulations, the first two attendees of Startup Weekend Groningen 2014!

Everybody settled down again and returned to the bar for some more drinks. The reunion party went on for quite some time and even ended up in the city bars. Well done. The Startup Weekend Team wants to thank everybody who made this evening possible and we hope to see you at the next event! 

Authored by Stephanie van der A