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10/05/2017 | By Maaike van der Post

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Our team for the 10th edition is complete and you have to be honest, what a lot of beautiful people together. Let’s get ready to rumble! Let’s introduce the first 4 out of 8 faces. There are 4(!!) new faces in the organisation. Let’s begin to introduce two awesome ladies and two wonderful gentlemen.

Kristen Bos (new!)

What are you doing in your daily life? Let’s introduce myself. I love to organise all kind of events. I’m a snowboard teacher and love to surf. I have my bachelor Sport management for a month now and lived in Aruba for 6 months to organize Aruba Hi-winds (kite- and windsurf event for 300 surfers around the world).  My thesis was about organise a ski trip to Lofoten, Norway. I am supervisor at the outdoor and ski department of the Perry Sport at the moment. My main rol in the organisation for startup weekend is to deal with the social media.

Best Startup Weekend moment you had: The 10th edition will be my first edition. Very excited to do the organisation and have my first startup weekend experience at one.

Describe yourself in 3 words: Sportive, enthusiastic, traveler

Maaike van der Post

What are you doing in your daily life?  I'm a creative at Kr8werk in Leeuwarden. I love to make the story of a company work for them. Visual and strategic. Next to that I have several personal projects. The one I focus on at the moment is 'dinner stories'. This to encourage people to take the dinner moment more effectively. Take some quality time with yourself during the preparation and create great dinner stories with the ones close to you while eating it. In a time of digital addiction and pressure to succeed this is the best time you can get during the day to recharge, evaluate and plan your next steps to the future.

Best Startup Weekend moment you had: Getting over my fear of stage fright. In 2014 I finally dared to pitch in front of the crowd. Now a view years later I feel even more and more comfortable. Even enough to become an official facilitator for Techstars. I hope you as participant of SW will also find the courage to push your boundaries during the weekend. Let me know if I can help you.

Describe yourself in 3 words: Horse girl, foodlover, idealist

Bram van Houten (new!)

What are you doing in your daily life? I’m one of the founders of Op Scherp. A consultancy-firm that helps companies develop new services. We focus on developing the next step for a company so they become first choice for there customers in the future. Companies call us if they are facing a new market or want to become leader in the market they are operating in right now. We work mostly based on Design Thinking and get to talk with users a lot. Talking to our clients and their users is what I like the most about this.

Best Startup Weekend moment you had: My first startup weekend. The Monday afterwards I was completely exhausted but I still remember how many people I met in that one weekend, how great the food was and how long that startup inspiration lasted afterwards.

Describe yourself in 3 words: Lateral thinker, Food, Petrolhead

Ryco Wolbers (new!)

What are you doing in your daily life? In my day to day life I get

 to work on Op Scherp as one of the 3 co-founders. This means I get to bike to “work” with a smile on my face every morning. As the combination between client work and developing the company  makes  every day different from the one before and offers me the challenge I look for.

Best Startup Weekend moment you had: My most fun startup weekend moment must have been the Friday during my first event. Meeting such a fun and inspiring community was just the best. And when the (crazy) pitches started, I immediatly knew it was going to be an amazing weekend.

Describe yourself in 3 words: Designer,  energetic, competitive

Next time we introduce the rest of the team.

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