Up Global and Startup Weekend

09/07/2014 | By Stephanie van der A

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co


Some of you may have noticed that the Startup Weekend Groningen page has changed. For the new visitors to this website it’s less, or actually, not at all obvious. Well, we can inform you that the website has had a complete make-over indeed. The Startup weekend team wants everybody of the Groningen community to be informed why the look has changed.

Have you heard of the organisation Up Global? If not, it is time you read up on them! They have a mission to make the world a more innovative and prosperous place, one community at a time. Up Global supports the community leaders who are at the core of every strong entrepreneurial community. What does Up Global have to do with Startup Weekend? Good question! Up Global can be seen as the mother ship of all Startup Weekends that are organised. They’ve always been there, but as they say: one community at a time. This year it’s Groningen time to shine and make the change to the new ‘look and feel’ of Up Global. We are going to empower the Groningen entrepreneurs and the community with it.

And now? Apart from the new look and making Groningen a community of entrepreneurs, not much has changed. Startup Weekend will still be an awesome weekend for people who want to build a business in a weekend.

Up Global doesn’t only support Startup Weekend. It also takes care of Startup Next, Startup Digest and Startup Education. Our community here in Groningen already has their own Startup Digest. Sign up via the Startup Weekend page to get all the latest events in your calendar! Visit the Up Global website for more information.



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