Techstars Startup Weekend Groningen

    Friday, November 17 - 19, 2017

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Techstars Startup Weekend Groningen

Friday, November 17 - 19, 2017

Friday, November 17 - 19, 2017
Event starts at 5:30 pm

Lubeckweg 2
Groningen, Netherlands 9723 HE

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Let's celebrate the startup community during the 10th edition of startup weekend Groningen.

Startup Weekend is all about learning new skills, meeting new people, build great products and launch startups.

In the last 9 editions Startup Weekend Groningen had more than 575 participants, pitching over 200 ideas, of which 65 were able to form a group that validated their ideas, created a business case and had a lot of fun throughout the weekend.

Do you have the next idea for the new Instagram, coffee machine or Github? Or do you want to develop new skills, meet new people and have a great time? You should definitely join the Startup Weekend Community.

In just 54 hours, you will experience the highs, lows, fun, and pressure that make up life at a startup. As you learn how to create a real company, you'll meet the very best mentors, investors, co-founders and sponsors who are ready to help you get started. Your community is here to help you.

In celebration of entrepreneurship everywhere, we are again part of the Global Startup Weekend celebration once again this year on November 17-19. So even more good stuff is coming. Together with Startup Weekend Groningen there will be over 60 other Startup Weekends all over the world during this weekend.

Your ticket includes food, snacks, drinks, mentoring and the event itself! So don’t wait to long and buy your ticket.

Thank you for being so awesome! Do you have something cool to share with the community? Drop us a line and we will get in touch with you!

Please use #GiveFirst #SWGRO for your social accounts to share your story!

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Setup for Success Before/After Startup Weekend


Friday November 17th

5:30 pm
Registration starts
Arrive at the venue and checked in

6:00 pm
Eat food, share ideas, practice pitches, get to know fellow participants

7:00 pm
Official Start of Startup Weekend. Review agenda for the weekend and introduce, coaches and community leaders

7:15 pm
Pitches Start
Line up to give your pitch (optional)

9:00 pm
Attendees vote for the top pitches

9:15 pm
Form Teams
Find or join a team and register the teams

10:00 pm
Start working
Start working till as late as you can

Saturday November 18th

8:00 am
Doors open

8:15 am
Breakfast is ready

9:00 am
Start working

11:00 am
Coaching time
From now on the coaches are available!

1:00 pm

6:30 pm

7:30 pm
Keep working

Sunday November 19th

8:00 am
Doors open

8:15 am

9:00 am
Start working

10:00 am
Coaches arrive
Final opportunity to ask coaches questions

12:30 pm

2:00 pm
Presentation Prep & Tech Check
Final hours of worktime should be focused on perfecting your presentation, tech-check and presentation coaching

4:30 pm
Clean your workspace and make sure nothing is left behind

5:00 pm

6:00 pm
Final Presentations

9:00 pm
Judging & Awards

9:30 pm
After party
Have a drink with your teammates and talk to others

Event Judges

Anna van Nunen

As directress of innofest, Anna van Nunen puts everything together she loves: innovation, entrepreneurship, environment
and festivals. Innofest allows startups to test and validate
their ideas at festivals like Eurosonic, Oerol, Welcome to
the village, Noorderzon and many more. These festivals are
basically a small representation of society and therefore ideal
to test certain ideas. If you’d like to continue your startup after
Startup Weekend and think it’s suitable for Innovest you should
definitely talk to Anna.

Harm Post

Before the well-known entrepreneur Harm Post joined Groningen Airport Eelde in a mission to attract business activity to the airport, he was director of Groningen Seaports for 17 years. Groningen Seaports is the economic operator and authority of the port of Delfzijl and Eemshaven and the adjoining industrial sites. Just like the airport, Groningen Seaports is of major economic importance for the region. Harm Post has managed to attract various big companies to the region but also does a lot of voluntary work. He’s a remarkable person that you won’t forget easily after getting to meet him.

Patrick Beijk

We wouldn’t know where to start with Patrick Beijk. Being well known as the owner of several bars in Groningen such as Mr. Mofongo’s, Chaplin’s pub, and Dog’s Bollocks. This entrepreneur with a passion for hospitality gets his creative mind flowing when he travels. And if this wasn’t enough, he also happens to be a credible underwater photographer. One of his original concepts, the cocktailshaking robotarm, is well integrated into Mr.Mofongo’s which not only makes Mr.Mofongo’s a great place for a cocktail, but also provides the best environment to show this concept to the world.

Carola Bos

As director operations at IBM Services center Benelux, Carola has in-depth knowledge about the digitalized world and is known as a strong business strategist. She is well-versed in IT and is specialized in team- and business processes.  Carola works with young and talented people to reach full potential. She connects skilled people to all kinds of different innovative projects and customers and succeeds in making the right matches every single time.

Coaches and Mentors

Wilbert van der Kamp
CEO Omapost

Back in 2014, Wilbert pitched a quite new idea, called Omapost. Omapost started off as an app that made it possible to send your Instagram pictures as analogue postcards to your grandmother. It later on grew quickly, as more people sent cards to their elders. Next to being the founder of Omapost, Wilbert also works for Innovest to find brand new startups that make the world a better place. Wilbert has a lot of great stories to tell and his creative mind is endless. And last but not least, Wilbert has a tremendous passion for food and great foodstories. So if your team is doing anything that has to do with food, ask Wilbert. He knows.

Joshua Peper
CTO Peperzaken

Startup Weekend and Groningen have a special place in my heart. Since the second edition i've been participant. 
I'm honored to be one of your juges, and being a coach this year. I'l be there throughout the weekend (friday-sunday). I will help you with your concept and finetuning it, will remove technical obstacles and, off cource, drinking all beer (work hard, play hard).
As a juge I will pay extra attention to originality, feasibility (also technical) and design. Don't forget you need to add some value in the chain. Finding a business model is much easier that way.

Don't forget to enjoy the weekend!

PS: Don't be "social responsible" to be "social responsible". It is NOT a good basis for running a business. Don't depend on financial support of the government, and other subsidised funding.

Yvanka vletter

Yvanka Vletter will be judging you. No, not as a member of the judges, but as the coach who happens to know a lot about law. She has been a lawyer for over ten years, so she is quite experienced. Besides being a lawyer, Yvanka knows a lot about entrepreneurship, since she has been an entrepreneur herself and started her own office. She also happens to be married to Mark Vletter (founder of Voys and Spindle), so she is quite familiar with entrepreneurship and everything that comes with it. Yvanka loves herself a good book and a nice cup of coffee.

Wietze Willem Mulder

Wietze Willem Mulder has been a business journalist for ten years now. He has written a lot of stories on entrepreneurship, investments and inspiring portraits of startups and scale-ups for Sprout, among other things. So he has seen a lot of (starting) companies from the inside and knows what the obstacles are in building/growing a business. Also, he is the co-author of the (Dutch) book How to find an investor? for startups and How to sell your company? for scale-ups.

It will be his first Startup Weekend, but he is super excited! Currently he is coaching one entrepreneur in Groningen to help his business flourish and keep him motivated in making (the right) decisions. As a journalist, he is used to ask critical questions and not take the first answer for granted. With the basics of journalism - why, what, when, where, who and how -  Wietze wants to let the participants really think about their business idea, if there is a market for it and how to get the first customer. But as a coach, he’s always letting the participants make their own decisions.

Maurice Beijk

Maurice Beijk believes in not just 3 p’s, but 4 p’s: People, Planet, Profit and in his own words most important: “Passion”. After the passing away of his nine months young daughter, Maurice decided to only do things that matter. Ever since that moment on Maurice started adding value by innovation, entrepreneurship and creativity. From a very young age on Maurice strongly believes in creativity and collaboration as the key to success. Not only his house had a full environmental friendly make-over, but he also co-created the “greenest factory of the Netherlands”. Therefore Maurice’s expertise is versatile. Want to know more about environmental friendly entrepreneurship? Maurice is your man.

Jeroen van der Mark

Jeroen van der Mark is the coach en product developer of He has been an entrepreneur for a few years already and is madly obsessed with sports and fitness. Jeroen is a personal trainer and motivates people to find their own strengths and get the full maximum out of themselves. With a background in sociology and a great sense for IT Jeroen will be a very versatile coach that is going to get the full potential out of the teams.

Stefan Wobben

Stefan is always striving to make the world a better place. He is very passionate when it comes to creating user (internet ) experiences. He understands complex situations and knows how to translate this into valuable concepts and strategies. When Stefan is not busy making the world a better place, he likes to travel and do sports. 

Niels Grootenboer

Niels is Marketing Manager at family distillery Hooghoudt. Over the last years, he - together with his colleagues - has developed new directions for the company to move into while maintaining the authentic side of it. As co-owner of De Straatmarketeer Niels specializes in new marketing strategies and knows how to get your product or service straight to your costumer. 

Jolijn Creutzberg
Owner @ Van Hulley

​My name is Jolijn Creutzberg. I founded Van Hulley three years ago. Van Hulley is a social enterprise that turns your favourite but worn out shirt into a boxershort (m/f). ​The women that make your boxers get work experience at Van Hulley and go  to school together. We help them bridge the gap to the labor market. 

John Franke

John Franke is a 52 years old serial entrepreneur who has been enterprising in a wide range of businesses over the last 35 years. From co- and founder of furniture shops, hairdressers’s shops, bookstores and an accountants office, to CEO of one of the biggest trade fair complexes in the Netherlands. In the last two years he's been busy with organising various cycling events like the TTdrenthe500 in which contenders cycled 500 KM over the circuit of Assen. He's happy to help you during the weekend with his expertise as an entrepreneur and in the financial field of starting a business!  

Event Sponsors, and Partners

The Techstars Startup Weekend Groningen team is grateful for the support of local community partners without whom this event would not be possible.
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Organizing Team

Techstars Startup Weekend Groningen is 100% led by volunteer community leaders.
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Filippos Protogeridis
Product Designer

Filippos is an impact driven product designer working with leading tech companies in both Europe and the US, transforming ideas into engaging experiences. He has extensive experience in working with both consumer as well as business facing companies across multiple industries, from mobile marketing to food, travel, retail and localization automation. 

Filippos' work has been featured on AWWWARDS, Abduzeedo, SiteInspire and Behance. He speaks regularly in conferences and seminars about the role and impact of design in innovation driven companies. He is also a global facilitator at Startup Weekend by Techstars.

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