Five reasons to attend Startup Weekend Utrecht 2015

11/09/2015 | By Maya Bogers

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We could tell you a kazillion reasons to attend SWUtrecht 2015. A few of these might involve our awesome mentors, the great Belgian Beers we serve or the nerf guns competition... But as the organizing team, we’re perhaps somewhat biassed. Just a teeny tiny bit. So for the sake of objectivity, here’s five good reasons to attend SWUtrecht 2015, supported by the ones who can truly tell: our past participants.

  1. Build - your idea to prototype - in one weekend

Been contemplating an awesome idea in your head? Pitch your idea at SWUtrecht 2015, get a team together, build a working prototype and well… win! It’s not easy, but definitely doable, as 2011 winner of SWUtrecht, Ernest Mistiaen, showed us. To make things easier for you, here’s a tip from Ernest: “From the beginning, we focused on the presentation, because that’s where you win Startup Weekend.” Voila, easy win.

  1. Learn - your steepest learning curve yet.

With over 20 mentors with lots of experience in the startup world to help you out, there’s really just too much to learn for one weekend. “I’ve been working in digital product-development for years and I’ve never learnt as much in two days as I did at Startup Weekend” so says Henk Beijert, who participated (and won!) in Startup Weekend Utrecht 2014. Nuff said.

  1. Do - get busy

Startup weekend is no talk, all action. No need for lengthy lectures, just get out the building and find those first customers! This gives the event a very hands-on vibe. Or as one of our past participants said it: “It’s great to see everybody wanting to get started, not too many talks, just doing things” --SWUtrecht 2013 participant

  1. Meet - people are the best

Your newly formed team will be your besties for 54 hours. Can be challenging, of course, but usually it turns out great, as it did for Team Greenbricks in 2014, who said: “The vibe was awesome. (...) The team really re-enforced one another by each person’s different qualities.” And not only is there your team-mates. With over 70 people attending, you get to meet lots of great minds. And with an entire weekend at your hands, you have the time to literally talk to everyone.

  1. Get inspired - get ambitious

We all need a gentle push sometimes. If you’ve been stuck in a rut, feeling like you’re missing your true cause, or simply in need of some energizing inspiration, come to startup weekend! You will not only get inspired… “This was very inspiring and we really want to make a company out of this” -- Jacob Paul Bussmann, 2014… You will also get ambitious... “One year from now, we want [our company --Ed.] to be in three cities: Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Utrecht” Team Avocado, 2014. So grab that lighter and light that fire! Which is a metaphor of course. For buy that ticket and join SWUtrecht 2015!

So that's it, five great reasons to attend. If you're still not convinced, contact the organizing team to ask for more reasons, we're happy to provide :) Otherwise, see you in five days @ Startup Weekend Utrecht 2015