Hello again… Frank

11/14/2015 | By Maya Bogers

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

Frank Hakkenbroek was a participant of Startup Weekend Utrecht 2014 and is back for more this year! We ask him how it feels to be back.


Frank, what did you like best about SWUtrecht 2014?

“The atmosphere definitely. And the possibilities to speak with mentors. You get a lot of good input from them and you can use their networks. Also, there is a lot of bright and creative people around, that’s just really great.”


How is Startup Weekend different from other startup events?

“What I really like about SW is the lean canvas idea and that you have to develop an MVP. Other events I attended didn’t work as much with these techniques. Here there really is a strong focus on validation and building. The consequence is that you have to work really hard to get to concrete results. You start to validate your assumptions in a very early stadium which prevents you from working on an idea that nobody wants. The iteration speed is just really a lot higher when working towards an MVP.”


What made you decide to join SWUtrecht again?

“It was quite coincidental really. We are working on an idea we’ve already worked on before, Flying Innovators. We want to pitch next week for companies, so we use this as a sort of test case. And of course the surroundings are just super fun to work in.”


Even though we’re only halfway through – what’s different from last year?

“The location definitely. There’s much more space to work for ourselves. This is very effective for our work speed. Though on the other hand, the atmosphere is a lot different. Last year we were quite huddled up, which had the advantage of having more contact with other groups. I spoke to a lot of people, knew what all the other groups were doing, had a lot of interaction with the organization as well. That was just really cool. But now, I get to work much more effective, which is also good.”


Final question: will we see you again at SWUtrecht 2016?

“Without a doubt!”