Meet Casper and Jeroen: our mentors @SWUtrecht 2015

11/14/2015 | By Monika Dainyte

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Meet Casper Bakker and Jeroen Arts. Both gents are here today at SWUtrecht as mentors, helping our participants to build their startups.

[caption id="attachment_32836" align="aligncenter" width="300" class=" "]Meet Casper (left) & Jeroen Meet Casper (left) & Jeroen[/caption]

Casper founded his first company at age 15 and has been a serial tech entrepreneur since. Currently he is working on Picqer, a SaaS Warehouse Management System. Casper will help our participants with his expertise in building internet infrastructure and B2B web applications, both in technical and product development terms. Jeroen is the Founder and Head of Product at Deskbookers, an online platform that offers direct access to the best work and meeting places. With his experience, hard-working attitude and cheerful mood, we expect Jeroen to support our participants to get happily through the weekend.

Guys, tell us who your role models are?

J: Elon Musk, he is changing the world, one or more companies at a time.

C: Elon Musk, Peter Thiel, Steve Jobs.

In your mind, what the most comprehensive book/blog/newsletter/podcast about startups?

C: The Lean Startup has had the most impact on my thinking about how to run a young company.

J: [it’s a big online community of research, Q&A and blogposts on growth hacking – Ed.]

Can you name three personal traits necessary to launch and run a startup?

J: To be productive. To have the ability to move from ideation to planning and execution. To have perseverance and determination.

C: “Get the things done” mentality. Listen to feedback, but make your own choices. Perseverance, because running a startup is hard.

What is the most impressive startup you’ve seen so far?

J: Uber.

C: Palantir. They showed that you don’t need articles on TechCrunch etc. if that is not where your target audience is.

Why did you launch a startup?

C: Because it is the only way I know how to roll!

J: Because I can.

On a more personal note: what’s your typical Sunday?

C: No looking at my e-mail or being bothered with business related stuff. I let the past week to go off and prep my mind for a new one.

J: I start with some reading, sports and personal stuff. Then I get back to work, to prep for the upcoming week.

As we can see, Jeroen and Caspar have completely different enterprises, but they believe in the same things. Guys, it’s great to have you here! Thanks for being awesome mentors and making this event possible. 

Let's keep dreaming & working during this weekend! Cheers!