Meet Ewoud Goorts: our mentor @SWUtrecht 2015

11/14/2015 | By Monika Dainyte

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On Saturday morning, people got a bit scared when this guy approached them with his

[caption id="attachment_32848" align="alignright" width="225" class=" "]Ewoud hiding behind JP from SWUtrecht Ewoud hiding behind JP from SWUtrecht[/caption]

loud voice and solid posture. But once he started sharing his passion and expertise for startups, all SWUtrecht attendees just simply melted down and didn’t want to share him with other teams.

Peeps, meet Ewoud Goorts, our long-time mentor at SWUtrecht specialized in platforms and product management. Currently, he is the Founder and Head of Operations at FlorAcces, an online vertical marketplace for the horticulture industry, founded in 2010.

In order to get into Ewoud’s shoes, we hunted Ewoud for a beer to chat about his triumphs and failures, and the importance of having a great team all year round. Check our full video interview and find some excerpts about Ewoud's personality below.


Ewoud, you are very adorable, but could please tell us who is your secret role model?

I think that everybody you meet has something you can learn from, if you’re open to it.

Short and sweet! Then maybe you have a book that people should definitely read to be always up to date in terms of startups?

I have two actually on my hitlist: Platform Scale by Sangeet Paul Choudary and Rework by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hansson. 

How does a successful startup founder look like?

He is persevere, able to share, and had an open mindset.

What is the most impressive startup you’ve seen/heard of so far?

37signals. They eat bootstrapping for breakfast.

Why did you personally launch a startup?

In order to make a dent in the universe: permanently change an extremely traditional and immense industry.

Can you describe how your Sunday looks like?

Going out for a hike and/or drinks with friends till late talking about life, travels and entrepreneurship.  

Before heading to another team, Ewoud shouts out loud:

"SW is about doing and making your dreams come true by making your hands filthy and showing the world it can be done!"