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10/15/2015 | By Monika Dainyte

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[caption id="attachment_31639" align="alignleft" width="225" class=" "]Jon (left) and Quentin preparing to blow our minds off Jon (left) and Quentin preparing to blow our minds off[/caption]

Deviant October 3rd

They say that if Sunday is a God’s day then Saturday is for Devils. On October 3rd, all tech and entrepreneurial devils eager to cook ideas gathered at Hooghiemstra Bedrijvencentrum to listen to Jon Woodroof and Quentin Lacointa, the yogis from the Growth Tribe.

The attendees were burning for reasons to show up at this workshop. Some needed tips for scaling up their existing businesses, some were looking to meet new people, and others were responsibly prepping for Startup Weekend Utrecht on 13-15 November.



Catch the Sales Momentum

[caption id="attachment_31638" align="alignright" width="300" class=" "]The sales guru Jon Woodroof The sales guru Jon Woodroof[/caption]

We started with a caffeine infusion and Jon Woodroof flooding us with over 20 tips for capturing the momentum of early sales. Jon has been in the Amsterdam startup scene since 2013 as a mentor, consultant, connector and a very determined bike enthusiast.

According to Jon, analysing the existing market data and composing the ideal customer profile are the initials steps that a freshly-launched startup should take. Also, an email is the first “touching-point” with your customer, so be sure either to prepare a proper list of second degree connections (LinkedIn Export Tool) or pay a freelancer to generate one (Upwork) while you take a beauty sleep.

Always make a check-in about the process of a prospective deal by mapping and dating the steps already made and to be taken next. However, don’t clone the same operational layout to all your deals because they may vary.

To get out a good sales lead, you should prepare and constantly ask people around the same series of open-ended questions to have enough of information to be able to compare apples to apples. While negotiating the price terms, put your product or service into a certain price range so that your customer then could freely choose the most affordable option.

Set reminders for scheduling a new or a follow-up email (SalesLoft). Keep in touch with people by congratulating them on their personal or career success (Newsle).

For smooth external communication, prepare a catchy tweet-style introduction about yourself and/or your company and make it easy to read - the best if your email fits on the smartphone screen without a necessity to scroll down! In fact, make all your team mates use the same tweet-long description of the company while communicating externally.

Don’t be afraid to use Instagram and Twitter to directly approach people you are interested in for a meet up, referral, advice, feedback by simply (hash)tagging them.

Engage in constant communication by writing a blog, or better a newsletter (Revue). Check Jon’s Twotone Amsterdam, a weekly fusion newsletter about startups, sales and bikes.

Finally, never stop keep trying especially in recycling the leads with all the tips and tools mentioned above.

Test, Track, and Iterate…

[caption id="attachment_31637" align="alignright" width="224"]The sneaky growth hacker Quentin Lacointa The sneaky growth hacker Quentin Lacointa[/caption]

After a crunchy but healthy break, Quentin Lacointa guided us through a labyrinth of 19 available customer acquisition channels. Quentin is a sneaky data analyst helping startups and various industry giants to seduce new customers.

Growth hacking is not just marketing. It’s about conceiving a creative idea, daring to experiment with it, collecting and analysing data on it, and only then composing a strategy to act. Start learning about this art by reading the book Traction.

Extort Import.io, oDesk, and Rapportive to extract, generate and import possible email addresses to your inbox. Use the tools available on Product Hunt or Marketing Stack to track down everything you do. If you don’t have money to analyse the hard data, simply use Google Analytics. Talking to your customers for feedback is an essential soft data on your product or service.

Use Google News Downloader or Buzstream to track the breaking news and people who write for living about you and your company. Send out your press-kit to the industry influencers who you can fish out using Followerwonk. Carefully think of several hashtags that your product or service associates with (Hashtagify).

Optimise your Twitter engagement by automatically favouring tweets (TweetFavy), sharing content (Dlvr.it), or following people (Tweepi). Thank personally people who have just joined your Twitter community, especially the ones with a sufficient amount of followers. Ask a satisfied client of yours to tweet about you and include such a referral on your website.

Well optimised and feature-based landing pages get 55% more of signups. Check what people remember about your website after looking at it for 5 seconds (Usability Hub). If you have a blog, host in infographics that capture numbers, stories, processes in a less complicated way.

Diversify your growth hacking portfolio by using ⅔ of channels that work for you the best and evaluate the effectiveness by considering:

  • Blink (what does your gut tell you?)
  • Relevance (does your audience hang out in this channel?)
  • Availability (do you have the resources and tools?)
  • Scale (how scalable is this channel?).

Most importantly, the concept always comes first before the design, so measure, test and iterate till you find the best implementation strategy!

Meet Jon & Quentin Again!

[caption id="attachment_31640" align="alignright" width="167"]FullSizeRender-4 See you on 13-15 November![/caption]

Well, SWUtrecht can witness that sales and growth hacking are very peculiar and multivariate processes requiring attention and patience. “It’s a full-time job!”, as one of our attendees noted in the end of day and we fully agree on that.

If you missed our workshop or want to be mind-blown again, come and see Jon and Quentin at Rockstart Answers Summit on October 30th - November 1st in Amsterdam.

And don't forget to be among the entrepreneurial spirits at Startup Weekend Utrecht on 13-15 November! Get your tickets here.

See you folks soon!