How to successfully launch your business in The Netherlands – Guest post by Tamara Wouda of MKB Servicedesk

11/09/2015 | By Maya Bogers

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by Tamara Wouda of MKB Servicedesk


With this blog we’re giving you a sneak preview of the free e-book “Eerst hulp bij starten”. A few steps on how to launch your business in the Netherlands.

Before you get started

In Dutch we say “a good start is half the work” and this is 100% applicable in the startup scene. The dream of a successful startup starts with research. Check out the market, the climate and the industry in which you’re planning to do business. List your strengths and weaknesses as an entrepreneur and look for teammates who are complementary to you. Do not forget to think about the feasibility of your idea - and be honest to yourself! 54 hours aren’t a lot. In our e-book you’ll find rules of thumb to check if your idea is a good idea.


Let’s get settled

  • Step 1: Choose the right legal form for your business
  • Step 2: Map out your risks
  • Step 3: Organize your financial and administrative processes. Luckily there are a lot of options to outsource this painful job nowadays!
  • Step 4: Create a fitting company name


The business plan

To transform an idea to a successful company, you’ll have to make a few important decisions. Then you’re ready to write a business plan. This business plan will help you and potential investors determine the feasibility of your idea. It will also give you the ability to measure success afterwards. The most important information to include in your business plan is your vision, a detailed description of the target group and facts and figures to swipe all uncertainty off the table. You’ll find a “how to write a business plan in 10 steps” guide in our e-book. As well as nine different ways to finance your business plan - an essential part of starting a business nowadays.


Market your product successfully

After getting the product up and running and your business financed, it isn’t over yet. This is just the beginning! Conquer the market with your product. A common pitfall for starting entrepreneurs is to do business with the goal to become rich. The right thing to do is to put the client at the pedestal and think with any business decision you make of him. Do business for your clients and you’ll become rich eventually anyway. You can market your product successfully when you can convince the target group of the value of your product. If his life is not getting better when using your product or service, the idea is not good enough. It might be fun, but it will never become a successfull business. Be harsh on yourself so others cannot pull you down on any weaknesses.


Good luck! Download our e-book “Eerste hulp bij starten” at MKB Servicedesk and use it as a guide. We’ll see you in Utrecht end of the week! We’ve got a great surprise prize selected for the winner of Startup Weekend Utrecht 2015…