Workshop – Advanced Lean: Customer Interviews by Douwe Wester

04/26/2015 | By Camille Grotenbreg

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The SW community is rich in knowledge and desire to learn - so here’s to celebrating that more often! Let’s do that together during the SWU workshop series in the months leading up to Startup Weekend Utrecht.

Join us at the Advanced Lean workshop on Customer Interviews by Douwe Wester on May 23rd.


At the Advanced Lean: Customer Interviews session, you will learn who your first high-potential customers are and how you can easily find them. This "deep dive" will show you how you can test ideas, design experiments and learn faster through customer development.

Douwe Wester

Douwe Wester

The founder of LeanUp and Bootstrap Family, mentors at Rockstart in the Smart Energy and Web & Mobile accelerator programs.

With the joint force of several startup founders, LeanUp trains and coaches startups & innovation teams to apply a series of startup methodology and help build corporate accelerators from the ground up. At Bootstrap Family these joint forces invests in early idea and guides them to a problem solution fit very fast.

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