These Startup Teams go to the finals at Startup Weekend Zwolle 2017

11/11/2017 | By Jos Veldwijk

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startup weekend zwolle 2017

YES!! Startup Weekend Zwolle 2017 has been kicked off by facilitator Jen Riedel!! At friday night, 25+ attendees pitches their ideas, amazing! So after voting, 6 startup teams go to the finals at Startup Weekend Zwolle 2017.

So here are the demo teams and what they are building this weekend at Startup Weekend Zwolle November 11th 2017. Are you interested in watching theit pitches at November 12th? Get a ticket here at Eventbrite. Hope to see you there! (Only 12 tickets left!)


When you organize a party, you want your guests to hear good music. However, making a playlist takes a lot of time and you're not sure  whether your guests like it, or don't. Of course you can hire an DJ, but this costs you a lot of money.

To offer your guests an awasome experience, we've developed SONG NOTES. How this works, you'll see at the finals of Startup Weekend Zwolle 2017!


Companies and potential employees find each other mostly via published job vacancies. Since this is an temporarily match, this is far from perfect. In this way, companies miss out certain needs that potential employees have.

Therefore, we're building a platform - WRK AROUND - that matches companies and people who really to work at such a company. With our platform, we'll help companies to build an relationship with potential employees that match much better than the old, traditional way. Not only will the match be much better, companies will also find new employees much faster.


People with autism have a hard time handling too much information. They have trouble reducing and ordening all information. That's why we come in, with NEURO FILTER. Basicly, this is an virtal assisant for people with autism.

With our idea, we provide solutions in three ways:

  1. We help people with autism make choices much easier
  2. We send out a signal to help them get things done
  3. We increase many other people to be self helpful
  4. We help reduce costs in the health industry


Most companies have a hard time to get in touch with employees of the future - people we call "Youngsters" (13-22 years). With LEVEL 8, we’re building an app to fix this problem. 

Click here to visit the finals at Startup Weekend Zwolle to find out how we do that!


The eco system is in great danger, due to an enormous growing waste of plastic. We believe this is a matter of behaviour, so we come up with ECO WARE. With our idea, people will make eco friendly choices when it comes to plastic products, and both local communities and eco friendly companies will benefit from this. We're still iterating on our solution, but we're eager to present the best result at the finals!


Did you know that most startups fail? We believe we can change this. With GOOD GROWTH LAB, we help entrepreneurs reducing failure, especially after the "honeymoon phase" of you idea is over - and the real work entrepreneurial life begins.

GOOD GROWTH LAB provides a customized business road map with in-depth, practical information to operate their business. We also offer access to a community of mentors. In this way, we want to help more people to determine their own entrepreneurial future.

Do you want to attend the finals of Startup Weekend Zwolle?

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