Friday Night – Let there be TEAMS!

11/14/2014 | By Jenny Xu

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Friday night at Startup Weekend is always a field of frenzy as teams form and the negotiation for talent pushes participants to stretch their boundaries. An insane scramble for the best talent in the room ensues and teams clamber to snatch passersby who might possess the skills to give them the edge.

The teams have now formed and the planning and strategies are coming together, a.k.a they now delve into parts of their minds that have never been explored as they attempt to formulate some resemblance of a plan.

It's time to pull those ideas into shape and start planning for Saturday's validation and development.

Here's a snap shot of the teams so far:

  • Access 4 All

    Identifying accessibility issues through crowd sourcing

  • Better Me

    A game that improves your life

  • Its still good

    Addressing the food wastage problem

  • Educate Me

    Trip adviser for education

  • ZiwiTrade

    Instant trade between tourists

  • Shoptrack

    Tracking shoppers to provide analytics

  • Wingman

    Making people more interesting conversationalists

  • 2 the Cloud

    Converting SME's with 2003 servers onsite to the cloud

  • Calm Puppy

    Distress product (of some sort)

  • Class Compass

    One fitness card to use anywhere

  • Wine Guru

    One app to help users to choose their wine

  • Playmate

    Tinder for sports

  • Bubble Box

    Honest feedback for presenters

We'll update you again on Saturday night as teams lock in their ideas or pivot and change direction.

Watch this space!