Pivot, Pivot & Pivot!

11/15/2014 | By Jenny Xu

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

As expected, there have been a lot of changes to the teams over the last 24 hours. From simple name changes to become more punch and memorable, to completely different ideas altogether.

The teams have gone through a huge learning experience from learning how to validate their ideas, find competitors in their space, make adjustments to their unique value proposition, as well as taste failure when things don’t go according to plan. Most importantly, team have discovered the power and necessity of pivots!

An update of our original teams as of Saturday Night are as below:

  • Access Map

    An app for reporting accessibility issues in public spaces to advocate for change.

  • Me!Social

    A customised user experience app delivering simple, relevant and interactive social experiences (events).

  • GrabGrub

    It's a surprise!

  • Educate Me IT

    A single online platform that enables the user to directly compare IT education providers and specific courses based on the user's unique preferences.

  • Ziwi

    A simple addictive geo-positioned trading app that links buyers and sellers. The initial aim is to target backpackers, those offloading items when they leave a city/country and those coming in.

  • BasketTrack

    Tracks customer movement through supermarkets and creates heat-maps and descriptive summaries from the data. Possible applications include predictions of customer activity and scientific basis for stocking and layout decisions.

  • Sieni

    Pacific Island mobile-first social marketplace.

  • CoCreate

    Work together seamlessly on web-based design or development projects. Video chat and views change simultaneously, in real-time. Collaboration in the cloud - made easy!

  • On My Game

    A service and platform that improves wellbeing, as well as enhances the effectiveness of treatment programmes. This is achieved through an app and web services which integrates a virtual mentor, bio metric data, discreet notifications and other solutions such as tips for being mindful, perceptive and relaxed.

  • Flexpass

    One membership pass that can be used at many yoga, Pilates, and meditation classes. Allowing the buyer to try before they commit to anything or have a variety to their exercise regime.

  • Craft Beer Critiq

    An app pitting one craft beer against another to motivate craft enthusiasts to go to certain establishments and try new craft beers.

  • PlayM8

    Tinder for sports and other activities.

  • Xignal

    Converting your presentations into sales. Xignal is a web-based mobile app for your audience. You create opportunity with your presentations, now you can capture it. Generate real-time, honest feedback from your audience. Seek permission to follow-up with warm leads. Convert your audience into customers.

Stay tuned for final team updates tomorrow!