Sunday Showdown

11/16/2014 | By Jenny Xu

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This weekend’s judges Vaughan Rowsell, CEO and founder of Vend, Sue de Bievre, CEO of Beany.Biz, and Rod Snodgrass, CEO of Spark Ventures, were wowed by 13 teams at Sunday Night pitch time.

In a close race, BasketTrack won first prize. BasketTrack provides shopper information to retailers so they can identify cold spots in real-time and optimize store layout. The key features of the product include integration across sales, dwell time and shopper geo-tagging, enabling retailers to maximize profits and enhance customer experience.

As the winning team, BasketTrack will receive: the Startup Law pack from Lowndes Jordan (valued at $2000), TradeMe advertising (valued at $10,000), 12 months Big Pipe broadband thanks to Spark, one month’s hot-desking and meeting space from GridAKL and one month’s meeting access from BizDojo.

The quality of the teams this year was outstanding and the judges decided to award two runner-ups - Xignal and OnMyGame. The judges felt that Xignal was an app just waiting to happen. Xignal offers real-time feedback from the audience to the presenter. In a completely different field, OnMyGame is an app developed to support people at risk of developing post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It engages users in a positive and fun way to provide feedback on their current state and tools for relaxation. Vaughan Rowsell, CEO of Vend, said “it was great to see an app that made people’s lives better”.

The Microsoft Top Developer Award went to Peter Sellars from Me!Social, who took home a brand new Microsoft Surface Pro. The Spark Big Data Award went to BasketTrack, who will receive a consultation with big data scientists from Qrious.

It was a great night and fantastic to see such a strong performance from all of the teams - well done, you are now all part of the startup community, help us grow it and make it thrive.