Friday Night Retrospect

06/12/2015 | By Jenny Xu

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Startup Weekend Auckland June 2015 at GridAKL is underway! This was not your usual Friday night out with a raucous happy hour at Wynyard Quarter, there's more anticipation, more buzz and even more energy.

Nearly 80 participants were negotiating for talent, stretching their boundaries, and delving into all corners of their minds to formulate some resemblance of a plan. After some brilliant ideas and much consideration, the teams are formed as below (for now):

  • Startup School - Intensive programme to nurture entrepreneurial talent and career paths
  • Art Fe - Introducing art to buyers who previously did not have access
  • AnchorUp - Online platform connecting boat owners with boating enthusiasts wanting to rent boats and discover the waves
  • Skills Together - The peer to peer skill teaching platform
  • Foodie.Me - Inspiring foodies with trending recipes from their favourite restaurants and connecting them with fresh produce sellers in their area
  • Find a Local - Connecting locals with tourists to guide for a unique experience
  • MyAdspace - Market space ad space
  • Cup of Sugar - Student swapping services within campuses
  • My Precious - Looking to resolve the problem of parents forgetting their children in their cars and subsequent child deaths
  • Printless - Making the receipt process more friendly
  • BNP - Anti-procrastination app
  • Expert Ease - Online platform to provide solutions through video sessions

In the next 36 hours, the participants are going to roll up their sleeves and dive straight into the thrilling process of starting a business. There will be excitement, tension, exhilaration and possibly tears - but one thing is for sure, there won't be a moment of boredom!

So let’s crack on and pull those ideas into shape - check back tonight to see how things change after Saturday’s validation and development.