Getting prepared for SWAKL 2015…

11/17/2015 | By Laura Kerrison

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Are you ready for SWAKL 2015?

With just a couple of days until the event, we have put together a few tips, tricks and resources to get you started and increase productivity over the weekend…

Read the following, check out some of the links and get ready for an awesome time!

Pitching your idea:

If you choose to pitch a Startup idea on Friday night you will have just 1 minute to persuade everyone that it is worthwhile. Keep your pitch snappy and engaging, get straight to the point. Remember: you don’t have to have a definite solution or product in mind, that is what the weekend is for.

Pitching your idea isn’t just about those 60 seconds though, use the time before and after to meet people, try it out on a few attendees and gauge their response.

Don’t sweat it! Whether your idea is picked up or not you will still have a team to work on and be a part of an awesome weekend.

Get some ideas on elevator pitches:


Forming teams

Look for people with:

• Complimentary skills

• Clear and aligned interests

• Energy and enthusiasm

SWAKl isn’t about teaming up with your friends, it is about forming teams around the best ideas to get the job done.

Be open to co-ownership and be prepared to pivot. No man is an island and especially not at Startup Weekend.


Working in a team

This can be tricky, but as a team of strangers, with just 54 hours on the clock, you need to get productive fast.

Here are some tips and tools to help:

Tools-05 Tools-06


Mentors and event details:

Check out the event schedule and the mentors at our event website. Have a read through the mentors’ bios to identify areas they could be of assistance in:


Other resources:

Customer development in 54 hours:

Three tools for Startups:

Check out this blog from earlier in the month:

And the FAQs here:


Last but not least, have a quick look through these attendee resources and get ready for the action!