Word of the Day – Validation!

06/13/2015 | By Jenny Xu

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

After not-so-much sleep and (un)healthy doses of coffee, teams go through the crucial process of validation, validation and more validation!

A lot of changes have taken place in the last 12 hours as teams have debated, researched, validated, pivoted and dealt with the occasionally drama and spouts of despair. They’ve come a long way from ‘just an idea’ on Friday night and are pushing towards building a real business with the help of customer feedback.

It's coming up end of play Saturday, and all the teams are in better shape with helpful guidance from our awesome mentors and (hopefully) ready to rock on Sunday. Here are the teams as they stand now:

  • Startup School - A 2 month programme to train people in entrepreneurial skills so they can easily enter a startup as a founder or employee and leave their boring, unfulfilling job behind
  • Artfé - A platform that allows cafe owners to easily dress their walls with professionally curated New Zealand art. Through the easy to use website, we enable art buyers to buy this art from the public spaces that are already a part of their day to day lives
  • AnchorUp - Online market place connecting boat owners with boat enthusiasts wanting to rent a boat and explore the waves
  • Skills Together - Online platform for quirky things you can teach and/or learn in 5 minutes
  • Foodie.Me - Helping people with dietary requirements, especially self-inflicted, to find recipe inspiration
  • Find a Local - When going overseas it can be hard to get a feel for the local culture if you don't know the area. Find a Local connects tourists with regular people acting as tour guides for the day
  • My Ad Space - Centralised online platform for advertising opportunities
  • Share If U Dare - A platform for trainees and students who need practical experience prior to graduation to build a base of networking and a strong CV
  • My Precious - Affordable, easy to use, reliable fail safe tool to eliminate risks of heat related accidents for kids inside unattended cars
  • Printless - Digital receipts that make everyones lives better
  • BNP (better not procrastinate) - An app to help students in high school and university better stop procrastinating by creating new deadlines for things with consequences if they are failed
  • ExpertEase - Online market place for people who are not getting the expected solution to their specific technical problems online and in time and for experts who can provide on demand and instant help and guidance through video sessions

Stay tuned for final team updates tomorrow!