Stories From Last Year: Michelle Panzer

03/01/2016 | By Sam Ragnarsson

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Last year was Michelle's first ever Startup Weekend. Since then she has become increasingly more involved in the entrepreneurial space,first as part of the management team for Lightning Lab and now as the Incubator Manager at the University of Canterbury.

Michelle was encouraged to attend Startup Weekend and was promised it would be a great experience. Her favourite part was building a team around a problem that everyone was equally passionate about. Michelle acknowledges that their "idea wasn't great, but our team became extremely close and still catch up most weeks."

A lot of practical skills are gained from Startup Weekend including putting a lean canvas into practice, talking to potential customers and identifying pain points. "The strict timeframe of Startup Weekend forces you to achieve as much as you possibly can in a short timeframe and consequently makes you question your efficiency beyond Startup Weekend" says Michelle.

Having a startup experience condensed into a single weekend has given Michelle additional insight into what various ventures are challenged and inspired by. Now working with entrepreneurs and innovators every day this has proven to be extremely helpful.

Startup Weekend tickets are available through Eventbrite.

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