Stories From Last Year: Andrew Masters

03/23/2016 | By Sam Ragnarsson

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Andy is a long time attendee of Startup Weekend having attended four events in several different locations. Last year Andy's team created The Cheese Board, a subscription based service that delivers a monthly platter of curated premium cheeses to your home or office.

Andy works full time as a software developer at Jade Software but has found that Startup Weekends expose him to more of the business side of startups which has helped him to develop a whole new set of skills.

Andy describes Startup Weekend as a real challenge but great fun. The most valuable part for him is "meeting the different teams and people that are there to make things happen."

Listening to all of the different concepts put forward at the beginning of each Startup Weekend is Andy's favourite part, "hearing all the innovative and creative ideas is really inspiring, and often sparks off other ideas."

Andy will be back for his 5th Startup Weekend this year, limited tickets available here.

The Cheese Board