5 questions with Startup Weekend mentor Henk Roodt

03/14/2015 | By Jose Mathias

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Henk Roodt is the founder of Stone to Stars, and is fairly involved with Dunedin's startup scene. He played a substantial part in making the Startup Space happen, along with Kate Turnbull from Audacious, and Henk continues to promote entrepreneurship and innovation in Dunedin. Henk will be mentoring Startup Weekend Dunedin 2015.

1) What is your company and what do you do?

StoneToStars is a consulting R&D and ‘in-house solver’ company.  We are part of a consortium of small companies that can do a lot of things in a very cost-effective and agile manner.  StoneToStars specialises in complex organisation dynamics and business model design, simulation of large systems and training.  We also develop custom apps.

2) What other ventures are you involved with?

The consortium is a new venture, driven by the understanding that small companies lack footprint and credibility in the corporate world.

I am also employed by Wintec in Hamilton to develop new industry research opportunities.

3) What are some of your favourite startups at the moment?

I am very impressed by Timely and Showboat, both from Dunedin.  My focus is really on the raw new companies, the small ones that can fail or succeed.  For me it is about being involved there and perhaps being paid one day!  I also like a new incubator in Cape Town South Africa, called Silicon Cape.  Think we’ll see some cool stuff from there.

4) What is your biggest piece of advice to first time startup founders?

Cashflow - it is everything.  Use networks and finally,  get help and listen to advice. Then do the best you can with what you have.

5) What are you looking forward to at Startup Weekend 2015?

Will we see the new name in social entrepreneurship coming from Dunedin?  And who will leverage Gigatown?

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