Designers love Startup Weekend

04/06/2015 | By David Clearwater

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Startup Weekend is an event that will challenge you to work as part of a multi-disciplinary team to design a product, service or project over 54 hours.

As a designer, you will work with other designers, techies, and business people to create and innovate together.

Your team provides the ideas. We provide the fun, high-energy environment where you can learn through doing and get the support you need to launch that next big change-driving idea. Designers are always in high demand at Startup Weekends. Your skills can be invaluable as you help your teams race towards the end goal, by:

  • understanding the problem and defining the ideas
  • empathising with end users and experts
  • testing feasibility with stakeholders
  • designing brands and communications
  • creating prototypes and experiences
  • packaging the work and pitching it to the judges.

Here's what other designers have said about their Startup Weekend experience in the past:

“I loved working with the developers on my team. Watching them bring designs to life in such a tight timeframe was magic. I learnt lots of new skills and made some really valuable new business contacts, and friends”.

Philippa Dawe, Creative Director - Alexander Rose.

While you’ll get plenty of opportunities to apply your particular design talents here, you will also a lot to do and learn from others, as you work with your team mates and the awesome Startup Weekend mentors and networks.

“It’s something every designer should do at least once. It’s crazy how much I learned about working under pressure, extreme collaboration, crisis management, big picture thinking in only a weekend. The energy from that bunch of talented and passionate people giving 110% to get an idea off the ground is unbelievable. Exams should be like that in universities and schools.”

Felipe Skroski, ex-design lead - SilverStripe

Your startup might continue after the weekend. But even if it doesn’t, one of the best things about Startup Weekend are the people you meet. Inspiration, wisdom, insight, experience, like-minds, passion – Startup Weekend attracts great people and creates a lot of energy.

Our own Dave Moskovitz, a Wellington-based Startup Weekend Global Facilitator, still gets excited to see what teams can achieve in the 54 hours.

“Startup Weekends consistently highlight the fact that great Design can make the difference between a venture that grabs people’s hearts, and one that makes them yawn; an app that’s super easy to use and one that befuddles; a presentation that wins the competition, and one that was full of promise but didn’t quite cut it.  You can be that designer that brings it all together into a beautiful, cohesive, functional whole. Come to Startup Weekend, and be that designer!”

At Startup Weekend Wellington you will meet great people and learn new things as you design cool stuff that solves real problems in the world. What are you waiting for?

Learn more about Startup Weekend Wellington, or get your tickets now on Eventbrite.