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12/05/2015 | By David Clearwater

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Hard to believe that Startup Weekend HEALTH was a month ago already.

We'll take this opportunity to share some of our favourite feedback we've received from the people who attended.

This quote from a more experienced participant who has built businesses over his career:

"The Startup Weekend was very organised, but I did not really realised that when it started on Friday. The weekend was challenging, frustrating, invigorating and hugely rewarding. I have not worked so hard for a long time and re-appreciated that the real juice of running a business is the experience of learning with others (the team). My days after the weekend have been re-energized. Every budding entrepreneur must do a Startup Weekend soon."

Personal development was a common takeaway, as this participant noted:

"As a lot of us commented - we found out more about ourselves than we'd expected and actually what we were best at. I saw huge growth in our team, ourselves and our belief about what we could achieve."

And the nicest note we received was from this designer:

"I have learned heaps at the Startup Weekend, mostly about the business side of thing, and also the power of teamwork. One BIG thing for me is the momentum, the team energy, the drive that inspires me to work hard and bring an idea to life during that weekend (even though I took a few hrs break on Saturday night to recharge). I come back to my normal day job feeling missing something. Don't get me wrong, I love my day job... but there's something magical at that Startup Weekend that is not replicated here. I feel super energised mentally even-though I'm still physically recovering from that weekend ;)

Will I do this again? HELL YES!

This has left some sparkle in me and I would love to inspire others the same way. :)"

Thanks to those of you that gave us feedback on what was good and what could have made it better. Startup Weekend is only as awesome as it is because of all the people that have cared enough to help make it as good as it can be.

Finally, Kelcey Braine from Team Smoovie has written up a fantastic blog of her experience. If you're thinking of attending a Startup Weekend, this is a great summary of the experience.

Keen? Tickets for the next Startup Weekend Welling (20 - 22 May 2016) are on sale now.