A glimpse back in time

03/04/2015 | By Lene Larsen

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co


It feels distant, and equally close in time. Reality tells me it is already 1,5 years ago! Even though the product we started out creating during that weekend didn't yet evolve into a company, I still feel that we achieved a great deal.

For me, personally, that weekend was an important event in my life and career. Mostly because of the people I met, which many of them are now my friends. Inspiring friends, because of their creativity, enthusiasm and guts to be different and do different.

It is now the beginning of march, and together with some of the friends I met first time in the Startup Weekend  2013, I am now taking part in organizing the next event; Startup Weekend Education, in April 24th, 2015. And this is YOUR opportunity!

You got a real chance of doing something truly great in your life. I believe that this Startup Weekend is a good place to start. You will meet friends, mentors, influential businesspeople in your region and learn a LOT. As a bonus you will have a great deal of fun!

In risk of spilling VIP secrets to early, I cant say too much, but I can tell you this; we got some really interesting people on our list in the field of education, that will lift the content and quality of this event to wuthering heights. Not to mention the prices...