A letter from Kristjan Freyr Kristjansson

04/20/2015 | By Lene Larsen

This post originally appeared on blog.up.co

Hello Bergen!

I am super excited about visiting Bergen for the first time and facilitating the first StartupWeekend Education event in the city. I have been facilitating StartupWeekend events since November 2010 when I fist met Franck Noyrigat, one of the co-founders of StartupWeekend. I fell absolutely in love with the concept, the energy and the event. Now, almost five years later, I have already met with hundreds of amazing individuals at events who have had significant impact on my life and of whom many are today some of my best friends. I can’t wait to share with you the experiences I have had in other Startup Weekend events like Tehran, Iran, Aalborg and Iceland. StartupWeekend is changing the way businesses are being built on city at a time and Bergen is up next. Can’t wait to meet the amazing local organising team in person and help host a memorable event for all of us.

See you all on Friday!

From Reykjavik, Iceland

Kristjan Freyr Kristjansson