Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek are awesome and lend us their 3D printer

06/05/2014 | By Julia Schoelermann

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Did you know that the public library - Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek - has their very own 3D printer? At the Startup Circuit on Wednesday, Kemal gave some of you 3D enthusiasts a head start in using this fancy machine. Together they began creating the trophy for the winners of Startup Weekend, a process that will continue tonight at BI.

[caption id="attachment_16902" align="aligncenter" width="1532"]Kemal explaining the 3D magic at Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek Kemal explaining the 3D magic at Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek[/caption]

Yes that's right! Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek was really kind to lend us their printer for the weekend!!! So anyone interested in rapid prototyping should pop in, have a look and join the Startup Weekend craziness.

Stay tuned on the library's website to learn about their 3D printing courses starting in autumn again. So exciting!!