Innovation & Technology – Startup Weekend Bergen meets NRKbeta on Oct 15

10/12/2014 | By Julia Schoelermann

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Innovation & Ideation Bootcamp Bergen

October 15th, 2014

"But I don't have any good ideas!" - is a sentence we hear a lot when we're out advertising the magic of Startup Weekend, but there a few very good reasons the perceived lack of ideas shouldn't stop you from trying anyway. Firstly, Startup Weekend is all about connecting unique people with diverse skill-sets and let their brains incubate to create something entirely fresh - just like those little guys in our beaker logo. For sure your experiences, visions and know-how can catalyse someone else's ideas and together you create something even bigger.

Secondly, we're here to help and inspire you! On October 15 we're holding a free bootcamp on innovation and idea formation with the help of amazing NRKbeta.


NRKbeta is the sandbox of the national broadcasting company NRK. Here, NRK's developers and journalists explore the use of technology and new media while focussing on the users - valuable insights for anyone thinking about creating or launching a new service or product.

At the bootcamp, NRKbeta's Marius Arnesen will share his thoughts on innovation exclusively with you. The best part: He's not coming only by himself... He's bringing a pair of google glasses with him! You'll be able to come up with your own ideas on how to use these fancy gadgets to do useful... or, well, not so useful but most definitively innovative stuff!

He's not coming only by himself... He's bringing a pair of google glasses with him!

In addition we'll hear from NCE Media and how the media cluster supports startups and entrepreneurs with competence, funding, project development and contact with the media industry.

Be inspired to embark on your own mission, meet cool people and try to get them on board or just come to play with the glasses - see you on Oct 15 at the Impact HUB! Doors open at 18:00 and entrance is free..

[caption id="attachment_20148" align="aligncenter" width="900"]credit: Marius Arnesen Fancy schmancy google glasses will be there for you to play and innovate with! Photo credit: Marius Arnesen[/caption]