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06/10/2014 | By Julia Schoelermann

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Startup Weekend Bergen

June 6th, 2014

And the winner is... ALL of you!! This summer edition of Startup Weekend Bergen has seen a set of absolutely amazing final pitches that left all of us organisers, mentors and judges nothing short of impressed.

[caption id="attachment_16945" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]The winning team of Startup Weekend Bergen, summer edition That's what winners look like!! Meet StockVario![/caption]

Stock Vario - an app for day traders that "visualises" movements of stocks with the help of sound effects - convinced the judges 100 %. They believed both in the viability of the idea as well as the team's capability to execute. Thomas Knutsen and his team will participate at Startup Summer, receive one month of Hub 50 membership at the ImpactHUB Bergen, have access to promotors from Blikkfang Media, get free business development coaching at MediArena, and will have their very own Business Model Canvas workshop given by Terje Christensen.

[caption id="attachment_16946" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]LORY jewels delivered a convincing story LORY jewels delivered a convincing story which secured them 2nd place[/caption]

Second winner was LORY Jewellery, congrats!! Loredana Cobzariu's pitch told a story that developpped and hence convinced. The judges put particular emphasis on the fact that this team managed to develop a brand identity and set up a functioning web shop during the weekend - these guys are ready to SELL! To help the team advance further, Tenk.IT is sponsering a complete website, they'll get to attend some of the ImpactHUB's membership courses and receive business development mentorship by MediArena.

[caption id="attachment_16947" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Vinit Pandher - 3rd prize at 15 years old! For sure, this young man's future is bright! Vinit Pandher - 3rd prize at 15 years old! For sure, this young man's future is bright![/caption]

Give it up for mr. awesomeness himself, 15 year old Vinit Pandher who pitched Moments app!! Ever been on a vacation with friends, a wedding with tons of family or just a fun night out and then wanted to exchange the pics to make sure you're not missing any of the best moments? Vinny's app is here to help - it stitches the event pics of its users together to make a movie - no lengthy dropbox upload or email exchange needed. The judges were impressed by a strong MVP - wireframes of the app and a short explainer video as well as the wonderful team work carried out by 3 members of the Pandher family and their family friend. Their dad was there to watch the amazing pitch and I bet he shed a couple of tears - I know I did! They made 3rd prize meaning they get to expand their network and learn new skills at some of the ImpactHUB's courses usually reserved for members.

[caption id="attachment_16948" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]These guys know how to execute! Certainly, your car will be in safe hands. These guys know how to execute! Certainly, your car will be in safe hands.[/caption]

Aaaand, the prize festival is not stopping here - Ionut Dragomir and Hans Roger Hosøy broke out of their initial team to work on RaskFiks and totally rocked! Our judge Hilde Indresøvde who is running the local startup incubator Nyskapningsparken spontaneously volunteered some hours of her precious time to mentor this team which was deemed having fought the hardest. Their platform will be connecting car owners in search for offers on car repair.

Solar Solution, Party Fixers, and Little Wild Worlds all received custom feedback from the judges - which is tremendously important at this stage. We hope that they'll enjoy their vouchers for Sumo in Bergen, GateGym, Brun og Blid and Bertoni while continuing their entrepreneurial quest.

We wish all the teams best of luck with their ideas - the judges saw market opportunities for each single project, so forward you go! Thanks to all our partners for sponsoring such awesome prizes!!

We are really proud of this great event and are deeply grateful for the wonderful coaching that all our awesome mentors and judges provided. They certainly are to be credited big time for the stunning progress that all the teams made between Friday and Sunday night. Thanks HUGELY to Kåre Bottolfsen, Richard Godfrey, Hilde Indresøvde, Simerjit Singh Dhammi, Torhild Eide Torgersen, Arne Jenssen, Olga Tolmachova, Ida Nerbø, Frank Wisnes, Tor Askild Aase Johannessen, and Benjamin Southworth. Thanks to Eric Brotto for coming over from the UK to facilitate the weekend. You have all made a big difference for this lovely bunch of people!

See you all on November 14 for the 5th edition of Startup Weekend Bergen!

[caption id="attachment_16949" align="aligncenter" width="1024"]Thanks to BI Bergen for lending us their amazing venue - we've had such a great time! Thanks to BI Bergen for lending us their amazing venue - we've had such a great time![/caption]