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09/30/2014 | By Sandra Rœn

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It takes a lot of professionals and established entrepreneurs to have a successful Startup Weekend Oslo. We need an array of mentors who are willing to spend hours of their own time working with each team, asking probing questions and offering insights derived from their own work experience. These people are smart, hard-working and very busy. But, when asked to volunteer their time to help others - even on nights and weekends - they say "yes." Because they want to see the local entrepreneurs learn, grow and succeed.

So let's meet these wonderful mentors that will be at SWOslo to help you and your team.



Wilhelm Joys Andersen, Principal Software Engineer

Wilhelm Joys Andersen used to make web browsers for a living. Today he runs a small development agency building some of the busiest sites in Norway. Oh, and he's a W3C chair.




Andreas Gilstad, Product Manager for Grouper at Telenor Digital and spare time entrepreneur

Andreas is Product Manager for Grouper, a startup project in Telenor Digital. Grouper is a service that helps group organizers communicate more efficiently with the group being organized. In his spare time he is working with a picture sharing services for kindergartens.




Svein Hermansen, Senior Language Specialist, Nordics at Google

Svein has worked at Google for almost 4 years, and is a localization quality manager for the Nordic region. That means he's responsible for the style of language Google uses to speak to all users and customers in Norwegian, Swedish and Finnish. In addition, Svein is part of a team which spreads knowledge about process-based innovation internally at Google, running workshops for internal teams based on the design-thinking framework.


Maja Adriansen, Founder of Startup Norway

Our purpose is to inspire and guide business minded individuals on taking the step to become a successful entrepreneur. Our company, Startup Norway, was started because we saw a lack of community and support for entrepreneurs in Norway.




Lars Klundby, Senior Analyst at Google

Lars is currently working for Google Norway as a senior analyst, looking at consumer trends and making the web work for Norway’s largest companies.



Silje Gabrielsen, UX & Design Director at Spond

"As my grandpa always said. If you can draw it, you can build it. I believe that more people can build bigger and better, that's why my team is everything. I belive in learning by doing, failing fast, evaluate as a team and get better".

Silje works at Spond, located at StartupLab. She is an organizer for IxDA -"The largest and most vibrant community for interaction design and user experience in Oslo".




Terje Christensen, founding partner at Odin Systemer

Terje is currently a founding partner at Odin Systemer. He has a track record from several startups as well as a background in consulting.



Sign up here: http://swoslo1014.eventbrite and meet all these awesome mentors at Startup Weekend Oslo October 10-12th! Just next week!